Top 10 Essential Windows Store Games for Windows 10

Top 10 Essential Windows Store Games for Windows 10

October 1, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Microsoft’s Windows 10 is the most forwarded operating system till now. It is now in reach of every PC users. The good news is for the games lover is that the windows store is now upgraded with more fun and games app. Are you looking for windows 10 games? Let me help you to build your Windows 10 games collection.

    10 Essential Windows 10 Games -You Can Get From Windows Store:

    The Windows store has many games that you can enjoy on Windows 10. You can play all kinds of games like puzzle, racing, board, card, simulations, shooters, sandboxes and many more. Let’s know about 10 essential Windows 10 games!

    1. Candy Crush Soda Saga:

    Candy Crush Soda Saga

    Candy Crush Soda Saga is one of the latest games. It is developed by makers of Candy Crush Saga. This game has new candies with great combination and many new challenging levels. You can get Candy Crush Soda Saga app from Windows Store and enjoy in your PC.

    2. Minecraft:


    Minecraft is an enjoyable game where you can build grandest castles from makeshift shelters. You can create and explore your own world by your imagination. Building a shelter before night to keep you safe from monsters and finding foods, materials, craft tools and weapons make this game more fascinating. Now enjoy the fun of this game on windows 10. You can play this game in the development process with beta access to Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta for providing feedback to shape the game in future updates.

    3. Microsoft Mahjong:

    Microsoft Mahjong

    Microsoft Mahjong is one of a classic puzzle games. It has stunning graphics with good sound quality and multiple themes. You can apply dynamic Undo option to fix your mistakes in it. Mahjong fans can enjoy it in windows 10 now.

    4. Slot Machine:

    Slot Machine

    Do you want all the slots fun without going to casino? Then the only game you can enjoy is Slot Machine. It has 17 interesting slot machines that make this game more innovative.

    5. Sonic Dash:

    Sonic Dash

    It’s a frenzied game with endless running. You can play as Sonic (The world’s fastest hedgehog) in the game. Jumping, dashing and spinning across the 3D environments with challenging obstacles make this game remarkable.

    6. Crossy Road:

    Crossy Road

    Making way across the road is the coolest game you can play in it. Crossy road is also named as endless frogger. Cross as much as you can without dying across the roads, rivers, train tracks, cars and grass. Many obstacles like cars and train tracks causing death immediately and earning points make this game more interesting and worth of your time.

    7. Hungry Shark Evolution:

    Hungry Shark Evolution

    It’s an action-packed aquatic adventure game where you have to control a hungry shark and survive as long as you can by eating everything that comes across the way. Collecting sharks and progressing with Megalodon, Great White and Hammerhead gives you more points. You can enjoy this adventurous game now on Windows 10.

    8. Halo: Spartan Strike:

    Halo: Spartan Strike

    Halo: Spartan Strike is a battling game against evil forces. There is interesting touch-based top-down shooter. Survive as the Spartan and destroy earth conquest foes in the 30 thrilling missions through the jungles and cities. Stopping Promethean and covenant evils to make the earth their next conquest grant more thrill and excitement. It is gladly available in windows store now.

    9. Microsoft Solitaire Collection:

    Microsoft Solitaire Collection

    Did you check out the new look and amaze of Microsoft Solitaire Collection on Windows 10? It is the most played game ever on PC. Everyone loves to play it because of its simple and straightforward rules. This game is associated with Windows for more than 25 years. Microsoft Solitaire Collection provides the best experience to engage with five different card games in one.

    10. Lara Croft Go:

    Lara Croft Go

    Lara Croft Go is a puzzle-adventure game of a long-forgotten world where you have to uncover the ruins of an ancient civilization. You can discover many hidden secrets by uncovering the myth of the Queen of the Venom and facing more deadly challenges.

    So, you got 10 essential windows 10 games to thrill on! Simply get them from the Windows store and enjoy.

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