1&1 Domain Hosting Service Review


1&1 is a web hosting and domain provider. It is a popular brand in internet services industry. It provides domain, hosting, vps, dedicated server, ssl certificate and some other relevant services. Anyway, lets know about their services and customer supports.

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1&1 Service Review:

1&1 is one of the largest domain registers. It gives you domain and hosting services in good prices. They have some good offers like .com, .net domain in $0.99, 1st 3 months hosting at $0.99/m rate. Else they offer free trial for some services. I must say 1&1 pricing is not bad. It has also some good features. It offers daily backup. It also provide wordpress hosting and cloud servers.  Else its domain and hosting panel is excellent. Almost every necessary options are available there.

1&1 web hosting is not so bad. It’s quality and up time is somehow OK. 1&1 doesn’t provide cpanel. This is a big problem. But you will get your necessary options in their hosting panel. If you are a advance user, 1&1 hosting is not for you. Comparing to other hosting providers, i won’t recommend it to you.

The worst thing is 1&1 domain service. I will never recommend you to buy any domain from them. It really sucks. After ordering a domain name, you will get your domain after 24-48 hours. This is really a joke. Suppose, you want to purchase a domain name example.com. There is another person who also want this domain name. You have ordered it from 1&1. Another person ordered it from another domain register. You won’t get your domain. Because 1&1 may take 48 hours to register your domain name where godaddy, namecheap etc. provide domain immediately. Even if another person ordered example.com 1 hour later, you wouldn’t get example.com. 1&1 also takes 48 hours to complete any order.

If you want to change your domain name servers, you may have to wait at least 48 hours. Any changes of your domain with 1&1 will take 48 hours to be completed. Sometimes, you may be unsuccessful to change your domain name servers without 1&1 customer support.

1and1 provides free domain with hosting. But if you cancel your hosting after a few months, you will completely lose your domain. Statistics say that most of the existing customers of 1and1 want to leave them.

1&1 review why you should avoid 1and1

1&1 customer support is not good as you expect. They have no live chat option. They provide customer supports via email and their hotline. You can’t get good support via email. You have to call to 1&1 toll free number for your desired support. There are many customers who aren’t so good in English speaking. So it’s a problem for them.

So Here are The Good & Bad Things of 1and1 –

The Good:

  • Only Pricing is Good.

The Bad:

  • Domain Service
  • Software
  • Support System
  • Billing System
  • And Many things.

This is the score based on 1&1 services customer supports and user experiences:



I already said ‘I don’t recommend 1&1 services’. But who have a limited budget and who will do less important project, they can purchase 1&1 services. But this is not for advance users. At last i have to say ‘Poor usability and performance makes 1&1 unfit for most of the users’.