3 Latest Smartphones and Tablets

3 Latest Smartphones and Tablets

September 25, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    The latest leaked photographs show the brand new smartphone Nokia C1. This elusive new device has been all over the technology news pages online. Nokia C1 has been leaked a couple of times earlier, but it is still unknown when is this innovative phone is going to be presented to the world officially.

    Smartphones’ revolution awaits

    Nokia C1 might be the smartphone that we have all been waiting for. So far, no official info has become available concerning this brand new device. All we can discuss about are the rumors circling this new phone.

    The smartphone era is just getting better

    In the past, some information about Nokia C1 were successfully leaked, but the latest render has become even more interesting, mostly because of the 2 different operating systems which are powering the smartphone’s handset. Earlier, we assumed that the Nokia C1 will be powered by Android, but the latest news show the latest Windows 10 for mobile devices.

    Nokia C1 is might change the world of technology

    Nokia C1 might be running on 2 different operating systems and therefore this smartphone will come in different variants with unique operating systems which do not have any similarities. It has a unique design that will just adds up to its overall innovative look and approach.

    What’s your preference- new tablet or smartphone?

    It seems that there are some peoples who’d rather buy a new tablet than a smartphone. If you are a fan of Apple, then we have some fantastic news for you, and it might be even more exciting than the launch of a new smartphone. The new iPad Air 3 will be launched soon and many people will have the chance to try out this device around March, 2016. According to the latest results, Apple might be giving educational discount that will be about 20 dollars. The gadget that we have all been waiting for so long will finally arrive in the Apple stores soon.

    Can you use your smartphone as your PC?

    Lumia 950 is the first device that has been released officially by Microsoft that’s running on Windows 10 mobile, the exact software that Microsoft has previously released for PC and for laptops. Does this mean that by adding the same software you are going to be able to use your smartphone with the same options that come along with PCs and laptops? We’ll see, but it seems that Lumia 950 is another device that’s just letting us have a glimpse of the future of technology.