Some Xbox 360 games are ‘nearly unplayable’ on Xbox One

Some Xbox 360 games are ‘nearly unplayable’ on Xbox One

January 29, 2016 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    World’s biggest gaming console Xbox One was built with more than simply gaming in mind. Microsoft, the creator of Xbox One, has repeatedly told that they have a vision for a world where the Xbox will be the only box in the consumer’s living room. They confirm boldly that it’s may be unbillable but this supporting device will quickly attain that vision. Last year in November, programmers have made a new support which added backward compatibility in the XboxOne. They have brought a treasure trove of great Xbox 360 gameplays to this console. After releasing when 360 has come in practice, the users have faced some technical issues. Some favorite Xbox 360 events cannot be played on Xbox One.

    Most of the gamers love Xbox 360 because these plays have some worth-full pleasures for everyone. Gamers discovers a new level of adventure from these playoffs. From these adventure play events they feel thrill to explore other lands, take control of battle and become the hero. However, users cannot get the full benefit from this playing trick. It has been found that some games are suffering from considerable performance difficulties.

    Which Xbox 360 events are problematic on Xbox One

    Presently, more than 100 older games can be played on the XboxOne device. From the beginning this device has become popular to the gamers. Gamers can play most of the major 360 on this sport device. In some cases, it is better performer than other home consoles. The following most popular sports event have been found to be “nearly unplayable” on this device.

    Halo: Master of Chief Collection does not run here smoothly. Inconsistent Frame rates make is slow. Usually, frame rate of 24, 25 or 30 is common, but this console’s rate sometimes come under15 that cannot display the image properly. Like this gameplay, Gear of War: Judgment which is developed for the 360, has difficulty on keeping a consistent frame rate on XboxOne. These sports are mostly characterized as battlegames. Battlegames cannot work properly, if image view rates come under 20. If it happens gamers cannot see any enemy on the screen. It degrades the performance.

    On the other hand, the rest of the Gears of War games run well. The original Gears of War run very well vial backward compatibility, sometimes it performs better than the original sport devices. For this reason, XboxOne owners prefer to play remastered Gears of War: Ultimate Edition with it. They play blockbuster title like Halo, FIFA, Call of Duty, and some more playoffs on this box. They can enjoy unparalleled multiplayer sport events online with friends. These sports events provide immense entertainment to the gamers. The console is best when you play with Kinect, you will enjoy it like the controller, putting you in the center of the fun like never before. Gears of War 2 usually performs well like other Xbox360 games, but now and then becomes slowdown.