New 3D Printed Metal Bridge in Amsterdam

New 3D Printed Metal Bridge in Amsterdam

November 28, 2015 By alberto

    The 3D printed metal bridge is going to be the latest modern innovation in the marvelous Amsterdam. This bridge, which is canal-spanning, is going to be finished by 2017. The bridge is known as the secret “brainchild” of a well-known technology startup called MX3D, with its quarters in Amsterdam. This brand new 3D printed metal bridge is going to be constructed with the help of robots that are able to print several steel objects that. Geurtjens, the co-founder of the tech startup stated that the bots, which are fully autonomous, are basically torch-wielding and mechanical. They can melt the layers of steel and therefore created solid objects.

    New 3d printed metal bridge in Amsterdam

    The 3D printed metal bridge is a major Dutch innovation

    As we all know, the 3D printed metal bridge is the first bridge of this type that will be built by Geurtjens and the team that works in MX3D. So far, this company has been using their own personal robots for building sculptures and furniture. However, this bridge is going to take the company to a different level and will serve as a real lifetime chance for the team to let the world know that a 3D printed metal bridge can be extraordinary and extremely useful for creating a lot of different things.

    MX3D’s 3D printed metal bridge is just a step further

    Geurtjens stated that by using several different techniques, you will be able to build something that is inside of a printing volume, or in some cases container, and afterwards, when the initial object I made, you can take it and place it in another place. This 3D printed metal bridge is going to change the way the world functions. It will all start in Amsterdam, a year from now, after the new 3D printed metal bridge will be opened.

    This is a step further for technology

    The brand new 3D printed metal bridge is an invention that is a step further in the long list of creative inventions that became popular in the past few years, such as the desktop printers in 3D which have been strongly popularized by companies such as Formlabs and Makerbot. MX3D’s 3D printed bridge is going to serve as the path towards something grandiose for the technology of the 21st century.

    3D printed bridge in the real word.

    The robots used by MX3D’s for the creating of the new 3D printed metal bridge cannot even be compared to 3D printers. The robots that will build this metal bridge are huge mechanical arms and they have a so-called “torchlike” apparatus.

    It means revolution

    The major difference is that instead of the procedure of printing different objects in a box, these robots will start building  things externally, in the real world. In the near future, we may even have a chance to see robotic arms that are going to build bridges which are going to be used for trains and cars. The 3D printed metal bridge is just the beginning of a revolutionary change in our society.

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