Is 5G Coming With Faster and Better Internet Speed?

Is 5G Coming With Faster and Better Internet Speed?

March 26, 2016 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    What is 5G? It means fifth generation of mobile technology. It is like 2G, 3G and 4G wireless internet connectivity we have already used. Well, we are now using latest and faster 4G internet speed for our technology devices. Who doesn’t love better and smarter internet speed? So, it is quite obvious that major telecom companies are working to make it even better. Our homes, cars, watches, smartphones and other technology devices are requiring more internet speed than ever.

    Will 5G Provide Us Ever Faster And Better Internet Speed?

    We are in the middle of the development of 4G. It is still infancy and has not meet up to its expectations of coverage and speed capabilities. Not only phones and laptops even it has confronted us with the use of web connected door locks, security cameras, cars, home appliances, dog dollars and other inert devices. Well, faster and better internet speed is all we need now. Gartner guesses that 20.8 billion devices are going to connect with the internet connection by 2020. For now, estimated 6.4 billion devices are connected with internet speed through worldwide. Let’s know about facts and myths about ever faster 5G internet connections.

    What is 5G:

    The G of 5G means generation and it means Fifth Generation. 1G was first established in the early of 1990s by wireless telecom technology. Gradually it started to enable 2G when people could send text messages among cellular devices. Ultimately the world moves on with 3G connection when people started to do video calling and browse the net even faster. Enhancing the internet speed mobile telecom company developed to 4G and people can browse, upload and download larger files in the better way without facing any speed problems. Then telecom companies attached LTE (Long Term Evolution) to 4G connectivity. LTE made the 4G internet faster than ever compared to competing technologies with WiMax. WiMax and LTE have same kind of differences like variation between Blu-Ray and HD DVDs. Even both of these technology’s outcome was same but LTE just made up to the expectations to create a general use for everyone and made 4G better and faster.

    5G is going to build based on 4G LTE. It is also going to allow people send messages, calls, video calls, browse on the net as well as like 4G. But 5Gwill ensure Ultra HD and 3D video uploading and downloading better than now. It will also allow creating space for thousands of internet connected devices entering our daily life. 5G will make you feel like upgrading your data connection from garden hose to a fire hose.

    Is 5G Speed Better and Faster Than 4G?

    Already so many major global conglomerates have started to build worldwide standard 5G networks. Standards are not clarified yet, but experts believe that it will be 3G and 4G compatible and have some effects through the world. Now, 4G can transfer speeds up to 1 gigabyte per second. That means you can download a short HD movie in an hour. But you also face disrupted network due to microwaves, buildings, other WiFi signals and different things. The list is more than these.

    Gladly 5G will have 10 gigabytes speed per second. So, you don’t have to bother to download a HD movie because it will be a matter of few seconds then. It will have low latency and high capacity. Low latency signifies faster internet speed and reduces data transfer responses time. Well, I am happy that there will be fewer pauses in Netflix.

    When it’s Coming?

    Even nothing is sorted out about 5G release date but mostly estimated that 5G network is going to available by 2020. Till then we are happy if we have 4G connections. For better and faster 5G internet we have nothing to do without waiting.

    Hoping for the best of 5G internet speed, we should count days now.