9 Solid Reasons to Root Your Android Phone

9 Solid Reasons to Root Your Android Phone

November 2, 2018 By alberto

    Should I root my android phone? It’s nothing more than confusion for you now. Actually, We will let you all know reasons to root your android phone right away. There are always questions arising about benefits and risks of rooting android devices.

    Android OS offers most customizable and versatile functional phones in the market in the present days as well as replacing iOS popularity. So, there are so many things you can and should know about it.

    Top Reasons to Root Android Phone:

    Rooting Android is similar to the iOS jailbreaking. You can think there is no need to root your android devices. But there are many surprising reasons that will let you realize how much important it is. Even your latest android phone is not accomplished with all the features that you really admire.

    Let me point out best reasons to root your android phones and devices.

    1. Get Rid of Pre-Installed Apps:

    There are so many pre-installed apps come with your android phone. Do you really need those storage gaining apps? One of the best android root benefits is you can get rid of those cluttered pre-installed apps and drawers. It also reduces memory usage of your phone. You can easily delete bloatware (Bloatware means apps which are unable to delete) and keep the apps you really want. In fact, This is one of the major reasons to root an android device.

    1. Use Apps Beyond Google Play Store:

    You may be feeling monotony after a great time spent at Google Play Store. You’re done with all the apps available on Play Store. You’re thirsty for more availability of apps. In that case, rooting your android device can give you some relief. Once you root your phone you can install all those blocked apps which were unbound to install from Play Store. Actually, you can now tease with manufactures, barriers and Google Play Store that you were not allowed doing before. However, there are some apps which you can access more superiorly when you root your android devices.

    1. You Can Install Latest Android OS Easily:

    It is an accepted truth that Android Developer Authority releases update lately. Who can hold patience for a long time for a single update? Actually, the patience is for who can’t root. We don’t know the high jinks between Google and Android Community behind the closed door. So, they know well when they are about to release updates. If you have your rooted phone or tablet you just have to find the updates and install it in. This is actually a reason that forces millions of users to root android phone.

    1. You Will Be Glad To Have Faster Phone Performance and Longer Battery Life:

    Are you ending up trying every possible method to make your phone’s performance faster and increase your battery life? Well, in this matter you can deal with it without rooting. Like, there are many battery power saver apps which will provide extended battery life experience with speedy phone’s performance. There is an app called “Set CPU” which allows overclock/underclock your phone’s processor.  But if you root the result will be bigger.

    1. Thankfully, You Can Block Those Pesky Ads in Apps:

    Showing the Ads make money. We all know it. It is commercial and beneficial. But, you may catch them annoying as they take time and also steals away your data. You can try Ads Blocking apps found in Google Play Store. Going Airplane Mode on also manages to block Ads in apps somehow. But, in a nutshell rooting is by far the best way to block Ads.

    1. You Can Have Solid Backups:

    Backup can come across for many reasons. Like you have bought a new phone, you may want to restore to previous version, you’re going to reset your phones or you just want to backup just in case if you delete something mistakenly. You can’t backup every possible things stored on your device if your device isn’t rooted. System apps and their data is also can be a major need for you. In this case, with a rooted device you may install Titanium Backup. It will save everything in details.

    1. You Can Retrieve Deleted Photos:

    Sadly, you’ve deleted some of your favorite photos from your Android Device. Nothing to worry! You can restore them simply rooting the Android device. Once you root the device, install DiskDigger. It is easy to access and let you view all the images. You can whether you would like to retrieve or delete them. The additional perk is you can directly send them to email without retrieving them.

    1. You Can Customize Your Phone:

    Android always offer easy customizable option in their OS. Additionally a root makes it more way to go. You can have all the power to control everything; vibration & gesture control, precise screen color calibration and many more. It sounds like one of the pretty cool reasons to root your android phone.

    1. Store Apps on SD Card Instead of Phone Memory:

    Managing your device’s memory is kind of a hell trouble you have been facing all the time. But, you can move apps storage to your SD card with the help of a FolderMount Google Play Store root-only app. It will increase your device’s memory and really worth of rooting Android devices.

    Some Security Risks Of Rooting Android Devices (Phone/Tablet):

    I have been saying all those useful and interesting benefits of rooting your android devices. But there are some security risks that you should also know.

    • Unfortunately, you can turn your phone into a full of disaster piece. While rooting the device if you mess up a little bit, device’s software can become damaged. So, your phone can go into astray.
    • Your phone may hold a legal warranty. Once you root your phone that warranty goes null and void. So, after rooting the device any of the software or hardware malfunction won’t be deal by the manufacture. They will not be risk at for anything.
    • Root access stops Android Operating System’s security restrictions. So, viruses, malwares, worms, spyware and Trojans confidently can attack on your device. Even your phone’s contact list, email accounts, other social accounts, bank accounts, Wi-Fi passwords are equivalent to get stolen and hacked.


    There are risks but not more than benefits of rooting your android device. It’s a great fun for the passionate users of phone. Share with us other benefit that has forced you to root your android phone in the comment box given below.