Acer Liquid Z630S: The Bigger, the Better!

Acer Liquid Z630S: The Bigger, the Better!

September 18, 2018 By alberto

    I’m a sucker for phones with large screens. I’m also a sucker for phones with high-resolution cameras. Sleek designs catch my eye and low prices take me to the store itself to get my hands on the deal! While big names like Samsung and Apple have already been tried and tested, I decided to make a change and check out what other phone brands have in store. And I found the Acer Liquid Z630S.

    Acer Liquid Z630S Details:

    A company based in Taiwan and producing units around the world, Acer isn’t the most famous, but isn’t a name most people aren’t familiar with, either. It’s the reason why I’ve always wanted to check out the Acer in the first place. Just my luck, they recently released their new model (Acer Liquid Z630S) last month, after a long hiatus. Great timing as it gave me a chance to test what’s new with Acer and experience the new model first hand.

    Acer Liquid Z630S HD Ultra

    Upon being handed over the model, it felt good. Just like holding hands with a soulmate, I felt like the phone fit into my hands as if it were made for me. Kidding aside, the smooth back and curved edges, though similar to that of a Samsung phone, make it very comfortable to hold, despite it owning a 5.5 inch screen.

    A plus is the fact that it can hold two sims, perfect for those who use two networks strictly for business and another for family or friends. Aside from the usual applications and widgets a smart phone is expected to have, Acer has its “Float Apps”, meaning a mini version of utility apps such as the calculator and calendar in order for you to have the ability to multitask. While it’s a great tool especially for those pressed on tiem or like things to go quickly and smoothly, you won’t be able to change the size of the small windows. Music has also taken a new level as you’ll now be able to skip songs and open other apps using air gestures.

    Performance wise, it’s doing great. No lag and quick to respond. Camera quality is great, especially for those who love to take selfies and save memories! The downfall would be the battery, as it only lasts for half a day (to be fair, it’s with constant use!). Normal usage would have the battery drained in about a day and a half.

    Specs can be seen here:

    Verdict Acer Liquid Z630S:



    All in all, I would give it two thumbs up. With a price of just Rs. 10999, it’s a great deal for those looking for a professional phone that can do a lot at a low price. It may not have the resolution of a Samsung or the sleek, modern interface of the iPhone, but it’s surely got great features there you’ll love! You won’t have complain as it does have everything you would expect of a smart phone and more. Just don’t expect the best of the best. Either way, I would definitely follow Acer and check out for new models in the coming years ahead.