Adaptive Controller

Adaptive Controller

February 9, 2019 By ellen

    Children with special needs are on the fringes of society, and sometimes they don’t receive the same opportunities in entertainment devices as others. Microsoft recognized the need.

    Adaptive Equipment

    We live in a world where accommodating is not commonplace for anyone interested in gaming devices. However, There are a lot of children with motor problems that need accommodations, and companies are not providing adaptive equipment. Technological speech devices are accessible for children with communication issues. However, gaming accessories are limited for entertainment.

    Devices for Adults and Children with Special Needs

    A Superbowl advertisment featuring a special device for adults and children (with special needs) is coming to the market. The commercial had an interesting twist on a device that can be used by children/adults with special needs. Most children have the latest video game, and Xbox is in demand. Unfortunately, with a disability that hinders fine motor movement, handling Xbox controls becomes difficult. So, an adaptive controller has been created.

    New Recognition in the World of Technology Advancement

    It is amazing how children with special needs were featured in the advertisement for a modern device of the future. It is rare for companies to recognize children with special needs. There really is technology for everyone adapted in every which way: “Everyone can play.” The Adaptive Controller has two large pads that connect to other helpful devices for a wonderful experience with gaming. It is not just for children with special needs but for adults as well with various disabilities.

    Adaptive Controller

    Set for release later this year, the Xbox adaptive controller is intended to support a wide range of needs and disabilities, making video games more accessible.  Designed primarily to meet the needs of gamers with limited mobility, the Xbox Adaptive Controller features large programmable buttons and connects to external switches, buttons, mounts, and joysticks to help make gaming more accessible

    Detailing Features that are Supportive

    Using these 19 ports, players can plug in a range of add-on devices such as bite switches, foot pedals, touch-sensitive pads and other accessibility products that are either already available or have been developed specifically for the controller by third-party manufacturers.

    Accessories for Everyone

    There is a mouth-operated quadstick for quadrapletics where they can “sip and puff” through a tube. Controls can be fixed to a tripod for movement to become more manageable in the face of limited mobility. Movement is taken for granted for those who have no disabilities, but these accessories enable and support all mobility.