How to Adjust Mac’s Startup Chime

How to Adjust Mac’s Startup Chime

September 15, 2018 By kirsten

    Mac users are familiar with Startup chime when they restart or boot up the computer. Late at night! No one is awake without you at home. You want to play games or browse internet and turn on your Mac. But the thunderous sounds of startup chime echoes through the house. As a result everyone wakes up as well as dog and cat of your home. Well, Mac’s startup sound is quite noisy, specially in the silent environment. Don’t blame Apple, they didn’t mean to alert everyone at night. Actually it was made with a good reason. The Mac’s startup chime has passed the diagnostic test, as an alternative can be replaced by the audible tones sequence which signals hardware failures, bad RAM and EFI ROM.

    macbook earphone

    Adjust Your Mac’s Startup Chime/Sound:

    If you are using external speakers with your Mac, you may notice the sound comes from the internal speakers not from the external speakers. Gladly you can adjust it without any change in the external volume speakers.

    Two volume sliders are provided by the OS X. One slider works for the internal volume speakers and another works for the external speakers like headphones as attached. You can adjust both of them.

    Adjust Mac’s Internal Speakers:

    • Unplug speakers or headphones if connected to the audio port of your Mac.
    • Go to System Preferences and then Sound.
    • Click on the Output
    • You will see Internal Speakers (Type Built in) in the window tab and click on that.

    mac sound output

    • Now adjust the Output Sound at the bottom of the slider and there is also a check box beside Mute. If you tick it, there will be no chime at all.

    But I would suggest you not to mute it at all. Because startup Mac’s alert, when it don’t feel well. So, you don’t want to miss such a warning when your Mac is facing problems.

    To adjust external speakers the process is a little bit same by the way. But you have to plug in the headphones to the audio port and going to System preferences, select Sound and Output tab. You will see Headphones (Type Built in). Then you can adjust the Output Sound to enjoy higher external volume.

    I hope this article may solve your Mac’s startup chime. For more Mac’s solutions see my upcoming articles.