Force Adsense to Show More Relevant Ads

Force Adsense to Show More Relevant Ads

August 4, 2018 By alberto

    Adsense is the first choice to anyone to monetize his website. Though there are some adsense alternatives. But these are not as good as adsense. Having an adsense account is a dream for a beginner blogger. But who already has adsense publisher account, He may not be happy all time. Sometimes, Adsense doesn’t show relevant ads on your blog. It may have several reasons for showing irrelevant ads. But, In this article, I’ll show you the way to force adsense to show more relevant ads.

    Fixing adsense irrelevant ads problem

    Before doing it, You will have to stop showing irrelevant ads.

    How to Stop Adsense to Show Irrelevant Ads:

    You can do it easily from you publisher account dashboard. You just need to disable Interest-based ads. To do it –

    • Login to your adsense publisher account.
    • Click on Allow & Block ads.
    • Now click on Ad serving tab.
    • Now you will see Interest-based ads option is enabled. It is enabled by default. Disable it.

    Now adsense won’t show interest based ads on your blog. So, Your visitors will see more relevant advertisement in your website. It may have negative or positive impact depends on your site niche and traffic.

    Force Adsense to Display More Relevant Ads:

    After blocking irrelevant ads, You are ready to make adsense display more relevant ads. To do it follow the steps given below.

    • Login to you adsense account.
    • Click on Allow & Block ads.
    • Now click on General Categories.
    • There you will see so many ad categories. Disable the categories which are not related to your website. For example: Your publish health & beauty related articles in your website. Then you can disable all technology, finance etc categories. Enable only the categories which are related to your adsense website. After that google adsense will only display the ads which are matched with your contents.
    • Now click on Sensitive Categories tab.
    • Then disable the categories you want.
    • From Ad serving tab, Make sure third party ads are enabled. It will help to display more relevant ads on your blog.

    All of the adsense tricks mentioned above may boost your adsense income. But sometimes, It may make disappointed. Beecause, Disabling Interest based ads and categories may decrease your adsense ads fill rate. So, Whatever, You decide, Decide carefully.