20 Android games for your better entertainment

20 Android games for your better entertainment

October 2, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    This is an exclusive selection for game-lovers, who are seeking for best items for their Android devices. We have picked up these popular video games from the huge collection of Android games. You will find here your favorite stuffs of different categories like action, adventure, puzzle, platformers, board games etc. Some of them are free and some cost a little.

    20 Popular Android Games:

    Here are the games you may like to have installed on your favorite android device.

    20. Galaxy on Fire 2

    Galaxy on Fire 2 HD

    Galaxy on Fire is an award-winning action game with unlimited adventure. In a 3D video mode, you will explore a galaxy occupied by daring aliens and pirates. Germany-based mobile games developer Fishlabs has brought this enjoyable game series. The exclusive story and spaceship customization will give you adventurous pleasure.

    19. Ticket to Ride ($7)

    Ticket to Ride HD

    Ticket to Ride is a classic and simple board game that provides deep strategic and tactical decisions to the player. It is very easy to learn the rules of playing. You can learn the instruction of the gameplay within 15 minutes. Collect cards of different types of train cars and claim railway routes in North America. With your gained routes, you can connect cities and make your rail territory.

    18. Shadow Fight 2

    Shadow Fight 2 HD

    Shadow Fight 2 can be your favorite action game within a few days after starting to play. This is an awesome mix of RPG and classical fighting. You can equip your character with various types of lethal arms to engage them in the action. With a secret wish to be a ninja, characters come out of the shadows and attack the enemies. You will be super active with kicks, punches, and jumps. The actions give a fun time to the player.

    17. Colossatron

    Colossatron HD


    Colossatron: Massive World Threat is an explosive gameplay that is designed for the adventure-lover people. The adventurous story involves a giant size and most powerful dragon robot. The dangerous being tends to destroy everything of the world. This is full of fast and funny actions of the dragon. Here you will play the role of a bad person, who is fighting against whole humankind.

    16. Mount & Blade: Warband ($7)

    Mount Blade Warband HD

    Mount & Blade: Warband is the first sequel to the action video game Mount & Blade. Playing it, you can get the taste of being a knight. Warband offers increased political options for players. They can launch their own party combining multiplayer modes. The player as the central character rides a horse and gives orders to his/her warband in the battlefield.

    15. The Bard’s Tale ($2)

    The Bards Tale HD

    This Role Playing Game can delight you with a huge store of colorful characters, arms, and loot. The Bard’s Tale was originally designed and programmed by Michael Cranford and Electronic Arts distributed it. In the current gameplay, characters are powerful enough to fight with dangerous opponents and monsters in the captivity. They obtain some specific information to solve the general quest.

    14. Final Fantasy VI ($16)

    Final Fantasy VI HD

    Final Fantasy VI is one of the biggest RPG series. It has been released for Android users by Square for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The story deals with the setting of a fantasy world. A group of rebels dominates the plot, who tries to bring down an imperial tyranny. In most of Final Fantasy series, there are fourteen stable characters in the adventure story. This series has won a number of awards after coming in the market.

    13. Badland

    Badland HD

    Badland is a popular mobile video game that is released on both the Windows and Android platforms. In the game story, the player flies through the woods around a small black creature named Clony. The Day 1 consists of four stages Dawn, Noon, Dusk, and Night with different color schemes and themes.

    12. Paper Monsters ($1)

    Paper Monsters HD

    This 2D side-scrolling gameplay will give endless enjoyment to the player. In the fantastic world of Paper Monsters, you will find everything you seek for fun. The 3D art style and polished activities will entertain your whole family. In front of your eyes, your Android device will become full with colorful paper made creations. The unique and lovable characters will provide fun for all ages.

    11. Prune

    Prune HD

    Prune is said to be a love letter to plants. The game provides the beauty and joy of cultivation. You will enjoy an amazing experience of gardening with the pleasant sound effects. Grow your flowers and go to the next level. A swipe of your finger can manage the growing and shaping of your digital trees. The player can share the best creations with friends through screenshots.

    10. Hitman Go ($5)

    Hitman Go HD

    Do you love puzzle games? Hitman Go might be the favorite video game for your Android device. This turn-based gameplay is developed by Square Enix Montréal and published by Square Enix. You can control the protagonist of Hitman using the touchscreen. The player encounters enemy characters and can defeat them in a way like chess. In the advanced levels, you will face more complicated enemies and machines to solve the puzzle.

    9. The Path to Luma

    The Path to Luma HD

    Puzzle-lovers prefer this version for pure entertainment. In the Path to Luma, your task is to search for clean-energy solutions on planets around the galaxy. The planets have become brown from the damage of the resources and the central character is supposed to fix the problem. The game encourages a thoughtful use of energy. The Path to Luma is free of any purchase fee.

    8. 9 Innings: 2014 Pro Baseball

    9 Innings 2014 Pro Baseball HD

    You will get a flavor of real sports in 9 Innings: 2015 Pro Baseball. The teams include over 1,400 actual baseball players. All names, photos, and data used here are authentic and realistic. It is very easy to play and fast in speed. Its unique card development system allows players to share cards and points with friends using the in-game inbox.

    7. Deadlings

    Deadlings HD

    Deadlings is the game of death and danger. Dangers bring fun for the player with more than 100 challenging levels. You will travel four different worlds through a funny storyline. The game is accomplished with hand-drawn artworks and impressive music. The army of cute zombie minions can be a great source of pleasure for you.

    6. Madden NFL Mobile

    Madden NFL Mobile HD

    Are you a fanatic football fan? Madden NFL Mobile is a good option for you. You can earn cards playing a full season in multiplayer matches. Young generation is enjoying the action of football with the touch of fingertips on smart phone. You have a scope to be the playmaker and to become the GM of your favorite franchise.

    5. Infinite Loop

    Infinite Loop HD

    Infinite Loop is a puzzle game with unlimited fun. Here the player has to connect the grid so that there is no scope to make a pattern. The endless patterns are formed through algorithms. You can rotate each pattern only with tapping on it. The game is free and there is no in-app purchase.

    4. Real Basketball

    Real Basketball HD

    Real Basketball is the home of great pleasure for basketball fans. You will experience real-life playing in different modes. This is the best place to show and develop your basketball skills. Players can choose friends as partners or they can play online with the people around the world. According to the personal style, the player can select characters, balls, uniforms, and courts.

    3. Carcassonne ($5)

    Carcassonne HD

    Carcassonne is a medieval-themed German-style board game designed for two to five players. Players build a landscape with a central face of tiles. Minions develop the unfolding world in this turn-based adaptation. You will add new tiles to extend the features connecting roads to roads, fields to fields, and cities to cities. With setting of the last tile, the game ends.

    2. Endless Sniper

    Endless Sniper HD

    This is an endless action game. Endless Sniper contains some randomly generated levels. A pixelated art style and collaborative environment is the prominent feature of the gameplay. You need to drag the scope across the screen to defeat your foes. There are some further options like shooting barrel. This is free of cost.

    1. Shattered Planet

    Shattered Planet HD

    Adventure is a passion and pleasure to almost all game lovers. If you want to start your adventure in a hostile planet, you can try Shattered Planet. It is interesting to play in the sci-fi style with beautiful aliens. You will enjoy the travel through different islands. This is featured with more than 200 items like cookies, swords, and grenades.