Anti-Spam by CleanTalk – No More Spam on Your Website

Anti-Spam by CleanTalk – No More Spam on Your Website

September 30, 2018 By alberto

    Probably ‘Spam’ is one of the most annoying matter to a webmaster. If you have blog site with medium or good amount of traffics, You definitely face spam problems.  If you are a wordpress site admin, You may have more chance to face it. Specially, Native wordpress comment system is favorite comment platform for spammers. If your website allows registration for the users, You will surely notice that you are getting unnatural registrations from various users. You may become tired of blocking or deleting these users’ profile from your blog. Even, You will be tired of deleting unnatural comments. But there are some solutions for you. CleanTalk Anti-Spam system is one of them. Today, My review article is on this service.

    What is Anti-Spam by CleanTalk:

    This a cloud anti-spam service for your website. It can protect all your comments, registrations, contact form etc. Probably, It is  the best cheap antispam system.


    It has all possible features that you need. These are –

    1. Comment spam protection
    2. Registrations spam protection
    3. Stopping spam contact emails.
    4. Stopping spam orders. (E-commerce)
    5. Preventing spam bookings.
    6. Stopping Spam subscriptions.
    7. Stopping spam in widgets.
    8. Checking existing comments for spam.
    9. Checking existing registrations.
    10. Cleantalk Spam Firewall.
    11. Antispam analytics etc.

    How CleanTalk Protects You from Spammers:

    When you activate this system on your website, You don’t need to do anything. Cleantalk will handle everything. When someone comments on your blog, Cleantalk will verify his email address, IP addresses etc. If commenter has previous spam activity on any web, Cleantalk will block his comment. Again, If the commenter is not a human but a spambot, It will hold the comment for your moderation or delete that.

    If your activate cleantalk spam firewall, It will keep you safe from spambot attacks. It helps to reduce CPU usage of server. Because, Everyday, Many spambots access our site many times that we don’t know. Anyway, This service has many other features. It will prevent spam subscriptions, registrations etc. See the feature list above. It does these things for you. The best thing to me is checking and deleting existing comments and registrations. It makes your experience very easy. Else, You will be able to see your spam statistic from cleantalk dashboard.

    cleantalk spam statistics

    It has wordpress plugin. It also has module, plugin and extenion for Joomla, Drupal, Magneto VirtueMart, phpBB, vBulletin, IP.Board, DataLife Engine (DLE), Bitrix, Simple Machines Forum and custom web-sites etc. For any platform, It can be a good solution for you. Even it has iOS and Android app.

    My Experience:

    I have a website It is in bengali and allows anyone to write blogpost. But i was tired of facing spam problems. Everyday, I got more than 20 unnatural registrations. When i used native comment system, I got so many spammy comments. That is a wordpress site. So, I activated akismet (Free). But that could not make me happy. That can only protects comments not registrations. But still i had to delete so many unnatural comments. Then i decided to find something better, probably the best solution within my budget. I found a wordpress plugin Anti-Spam by CleanTalk – No Captcha, no comments & registrations spam. I installed it in my website and was using their trail subscriptions. I was really happy with its performance. I faced no more comment or registration spams. Its performance forced me to upgrade my subscription for 1 year. I bought it as my primary spam protection system and happy with it. Till now, I have not face any issue with it. It is handling everything. I also appreciate their customer support which is great. They will help you and answer your questions with high priority.


    I already said, This is so cheap in price. But its performance is not cheap. It is amazing. There are several plans. You can buy any of them according to your demand.

    1 Website 3 Websites 5 Websites 10 Websites 20 Websites 30 Websites 40 Websites
    8 USD/Year 16 USD/Year 24 USD/Year 46 USD/Year 88 USD/Year 126 USD/Year 160 USD/Year

    Else there is an unlimited website package which is only 15 USD per month. You can try their service free for 7 days. Cleantalk has also affiliate system. So you can earn money by referring their service to your friends or audiences. You can withdraw money to your paypal account or use them to buy cleantalk subscription.

    Our Rating for Anti-Spam by CleanTalk:


    Last Words:

    I must recommend this awesome cloud antispam solution to you. Low cost, Supperb performance make cleantalk my favorite. You can know details from here: