AOMEI OneKey Recovery Review

AOMEI OneKey Recovery Review

October 9, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    System recovery is the most important thing for your computer security. There are many tools available for it. Some computer manufactures like Dell, HP or Lenovo have their own builtin recovery system. But these tools only work for their own brand. So, We always feel necessity of a third-party software that can handle this matter very safely. Specially, I see many peoples search “backup system Windows 10” or similar keywords on google or other search engines. It proves, Win 10 users are more likely to have an excellent recovery solution.  In this case, I like to introduce AOMEI OneKey Recovery. This is an excellent small program that can create backup and restore it when you need. Let’s know it details.

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    AOMEI OneKey Recovery Details:

    This is small but excellent software. I used this software for test purpose and i found it can be a great choice for the users who are concerned about system recovery. You can use it on Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Vista, XP (all editions, 32/64bit).

    How it works:

    It works very simply. It just backups your system image and store it on recovery partition. It will use your free disk space to create that partition and hide it by default. When your system becomes damaged and you can’t access your operating system, You can restore your original data from the backup image to original location. You can do it even in boot state. If you are concerned with disk space, It can backup and compress your data which requires less space.

    How to Use Backup Using OneKey Recovery:

    Using this program is quite easy. You just need to download and install it on your PC. It is obviously a freeware product. You can use free version.

    [button-green url=”” target=”blank” position=”center”]Download OneKey Recovery[/button-green]

    After installing it, You can start using the software.

    Create System Backup:

    • Open it on your PC.
    • Click on OneKey System Backup.
    • Now choose, Where your backup image will be stored.
    • Click on Next and then on Start Backup.

    Configure for Boot Menu:

    Sometimes, It may happen that you can’t access Windows. In that case, This AOMEI OneKey can help. It allows you to run this program during bootup. You just need to configure the settings. To do it-

    Onekey Settings

    • Open this program.
    • Click on Setting icon.
    • In new windows, Mark Enable boot menu, Show the “Press F11” for AOMEI ….. & Add the item AOMEI OneKey Recovery to Windows Boot Manager.
    • Click on OK.

    How to Restore:

    It is very easy. Just do the following things –

    • Open the software. If you want to open during boot up, Just press F11.
    • Now click on OneKey System Recovery.
    • Now select the system image file that you backed up.
    • Click on Next and Click on Start Restore.


    This is free software. It also has premium version which costs $49 for lifetime. You can use it in two PCs. Pricing is very fair to me. In premium version you will get more features unlocked.

    Our Score:



    Personally, I liked this software. So, I recommend you to try this backup freeware at least once. You can know more details from here. AOMEI OneKey Recovery is an excellent software that can prevent your valuable system data loss.