AOMEI Partition Assistant an Awesome Partition Manager

AOMEI Partition Assistant an Awesome Partition Manager

October 5, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    When we want to manage our PC partitions more comfortably, We always think about a thirdparty tool that can do perfect job. Because, We are not happy with built-in partition management system of Windows or Mac. If you are windows user, Aomei Partition Assistant can be one of your best choices.

    AOMEI Partition Assistant Dashboard

    Aomei Partition Assistant Review:

    It is a freemium product. That means it has both free and premium version. Free version has all basic features you need. Pro version has more advanced features.

    Core Features & Details:

    I already said it has almost all basic and advanced features you need. But, There are some core features i must mention. These are –

    1. Extend Partition Wizard.
    2. Migrate OS to SSD.
    3. Disk Copy.
    4. Partition Recovery.
    5. NTFS to Fat32.
    6. Bootable Media Creation.
    7. Windows to Go Creator.
    8. Rebuild MBR.
    9. Creating, Deleting & Modifying Partion.

    These are the main features that can impress anyone. Personally, I like this partition manager. It has some reasons that i will describe now.

    First of all it has all basic features that your built-in disk manager already has. Plus it has more basic options. So, You can easily create, resize, change letter of your partitions and many more. But you should always prefer the pro version. It’ll fulfill your demand with some extra features. It is fully compatible with Microsoft’s latest and most recent windows versions. So, You can simply resize Windows 10 partition and do any thing without any problem.

    Aomei Partition Assistant lest you convert your existing FAT32 partition to NTFS without formating. You also can convert FAT32 to NTFS by this way. There are some windows users who has less disk space on OS installation driver (Normally local disk C). As a result, They can’t install more programs and face low disk space warning. AOMEI Partition manager lets you extend your existing partition’s disk space without formatting it. So, You can easily get rid of windows installation drive low disk space problem.

    There is another awesome feature i mentioned above. It is “Migrate OS to SSD”. If you have a new Hard Disk or SSD and want to transfer your current OS to there, You can easily do it by this option.

    Another core feature is Partition recovery. It lets you easily recover your deleted files. You also can make a bootable disk or USB flash drive. As a result, You won’t need any third-party apps to create bootable disk or drive.

    Windows go creator allows creating bootable USB drive so that you can boot from that drive when you need. Dynamic disk converter let users to convert their dynamic partition to basic.

    Else, Aomei Partition Assistant lets you check and repair your partitions’ errors, merging & spliting, changing partition type & serial number etc. You also can convert Logical partition to Primary or Primary to logical.

    You will find all of the necessary options on Aomei Partition Assistant dashboard. It’s interface is quite simple, easy and user-friendly.

    So, Here are the things we


    It has a free version. Pro version price is $49. It is not yearly or monthly. It is for lifetime. There are also some additional price plans for different versions. There is a Lite version which is free. Server, Unlimited & Technician versions are not free.

    Version Name Price
    PA Standard Free
    PA Pro $49
    PA Lite Free
    PA Server $160
    PA Unlimited $415.65
    PA Technician $699

    Users will get 90-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. I think this a best refund policy.

    Customer Support:

    Each versions comes with different levels of support. Standard and Lite users get low priority in support. Pro users will get medium priority. Server version users will get High priority and Unlimited & Technician users will get top priority. I’ve not feel any necessity to contact with support agent yet. So, I have no idea how actually their customer support is. But, I hope it will be fine.

    Here is Our Score for Aomei Partition Assistant:


    Last Words:

    Aomei Partition Assistant is a great small software which can handle your partitions very easily. If you are feeling necessity for a partition manager tool, It can be a great option. As, It has free version, You can test it. As they offer unconditional money back guarantee, You also can have their Pro version which will truly improve your partition managing experience. You can download it and learn more from

    You can let us know your experience with this software by comment 🙂