Apple Watch 2- The Next-gen Smartwatch Review, Prices and Release Date

Apple Watch 2- The Next-gen Smartwatch Review, Prices and Release Date

September 15, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Apple watch I was the very first plunge into the world of wearable tech gadgets by Apple- the Tech Giant. But the first release of the amazing wearable smartwatch by apple literally wasn’t quite to the liking and couldn’t make that much of response as expected.  So here we go for the second release of the wearable gadget- Apple watch 2 (iWatch 2) as a surprising trick from the Tech giant in 2016.

    According to the report on several renowned media websites, Marry Lan, director of Taiwan’s Quanta Computer stated that, iWatch 2 is under development now will be released in 2016 with surprising updates and new features.

    Let’s have a bird’s eye view on the overall features of the tech wonder-

    What’s New in Apple Watch 2?

     Rumors are already heating up among the tech-freaks worldwide about features and updates of iWatch 2. Let’s go through a comparative discussion between Apple watch I and II based on rumors and sneak peeks-

    • Design Plan- No Big Changes

    Apple Watch 2 design

    Based on a report spotted by G4Games, it had been confirmed that Apple watch won’t deviate that much from its previous version in case of design and form factors. The same rectangular display with the same resolution, similar thickness and weight to Apple watch I and identical models of all of the designs are all that are confirmed about the design of iWatch II.

    • Increased Battery Life

    Apple Watch 2 battery life

    Apple says that, Apple watch 2 will probably have one of the most comfortable battery scheme, named as ‘all day battery life’ which needs to be charged at each night only. A less power-hungry display, sleep tracking and smart display bandwagon will be the major steps towards an awesome battery-life experience.

    • Wrist Camera- FaceTime Call Made Easy

    Apple Watch 2 CameraApple watch will be more appealing than its earlier version even to those who already own an Apple watch. Because the tech giant is supposed to add a front-facing video camera for making face-to-face conversations easier and to enhance the wireless capabilities of the device. Also this will be improved and better that the outward-faced video cameras oriented in Galaxy gears.

    • More iPhone Free Activities

    Apple Watch 2 iphone activityTo perform more tasks and develop wireless communication capability more sophisticated, a ‘more dynamic’ wireless chips will be embedded to make the next-gen gadget perform more tasks without iPhone. It will enable features like router triangulation and heavier data transfer, swift video calls etc.

    • Models and Materials

    Apple Watch 2 ModelsApple stated to be exploring the variation in design beyond the available still, sports and edition tiers in earlier iWatch I.

    Expected Price & Release Date

    Though Apple has a strict policy on non-disclosure of the upcoming products unofficially. But in a investor’s meeting, the chairman of Quanta Computer- sole manufacturer of iWatch, Barry Lam has accidently revealed the secret. According to his narration, Apple watch 2 will be probably officially launched in second quarter of 2016!

    Willing customers may have t pay around £1000- £8000 for an Apple watch 2. Probably the price of the iWatch II models will lie between most expensive steel Apple watch (£949) and the cheapest Apple watch edition (£8000).

    So now it’s only a matter of time to see what Apple produces when it unveils the second generation of the next-gen wearable smartwatch.