Apple Watch is Losing Popularity to Some Users

Apple Watch is Losing Popularity to Some Users

December 7, 2015 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Over the last months, Research firm Wristly has conducted a study on the negative attitudes of Apple Watch owners to the latest device. They investigate why the buyers sold or returned this revolutionary wearable product of Apple. Respondents have shown their dissatisfaction with it and expressed some reasons as well. Many users said that they stopped using their new devices within a short time after purchasing these. Some suggestions for improvement came out of the consumers’ opinion. In current market of wearable techs, Apple Watch may have gained a good position, but a large number of buyers are not so much fond of this gadget.

    Causes of the Consumer’s dissatisfaction with Apple Watch

    Cause of the Apple Watch owner’ dissatisfaction is not so much clear. Wristly interviews 330 owners and brings a detailed picture of negative opinions about the smartwatch. Selected customers from North America, Europe, and other regions express their acute unhappiness with Apple’s first wearable gadget. Lot of causes of their dissatisfaction is recorded in the research report. Ninety percent of respondents mentioned “not enough value” of the device as the main reason of their disinterest. Its price starts at $349. Among the whole number, 80 percent claims that Apple Watch contains a limited set of features. Relatively a smaller number of interviewees think that the watch is too slow or the battery is not long lasting. Some of them complain that it makes annoyance in seeing the time. Another important reason is that the product causes discomfort or rash on the user’s wrist.

    Customers’ Reaction to Apple Watch and Suggestions for Improvement

    Though Apple’s first wearable product has captured a huge portion of tech market, it is receiving a lot of negative reaction from buyers. Majority of the unhappy customers has stopped to wear it within a very short period. According to the result of Wristly’s investigation, 17 percent rejected the watch within the first few days and 28 percent within the first two weeks. Question may arise, what happened to the rejected devices? Some owners sold the accessory and a few of them returned it to the manufacturer. A large proportion of them kept it in their drawers. In the meantime, 30 percent of displeased users said they did not stop wearing the watch yet. They still use it regularly.

    Some expectations and suggestions came out from the respondents’ opinion. Firstly, the design may be slimmer with a harder case and the battery may have longer life. The battery should be cheaper in price and smaller in size. People want it to be faster and featured with more sensors and watch faces. They are expecting a thinner styling, always-on watch face, and healthier sensors. The ingredient of the device also can be improved and enriched. Different reports indicate that the company is being aware of the drawbacks of their latest product. They are planning to bring a second edition in a time of the next year. Hopefully, people are going to have an improved and modified version of the watch on their wrist.