3 Apps to Extend Your Android Battery Life

3 Apps to Extend Your Android Battery Life

October 2, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Android is one of the most popular operating system. They bring out some of the most sophisticated gadgets in the market. Unfortunately, users always feel the need for more battery life in android. As days pass by, the world is turning more and more efficient when it comes to the advancement of technology. Android also excels in this matter as they add many newer features in every version of their operating system. However, this new advancements of technology has its own disadvantages. Users suffer the most as battery life ends up too early. Although Android is equivalently upgrading their batteries as well, they always seem to lack. There are many apps in Google Play Store that genuinely help to minimize the usage of battery in the phone. Some particular apps work the best for some particular handsets. However, in general, there are quite a few apps that can come in handy for any user of Android to extend his/her phone’s battery.

    Best Apps to Increase Android Battery Life:

    In this article I will name some of the best apps for getting the job done. Although they have many similarities as they all are installed to do the same task, however, there are traits to differentiate them as well. Let us take a thorough look at the 3 most used and efficient app like that.


    Greenify helps to increase Android battery life

    It was first created for rooted android devices. The hibernation system of the phone is unlocked automatically by Greenify. It helps to stop the phone from running background apps that can kill the battery easily. However, this is not the same as apps like task stoppers. Greenify only puts the energy craving apps to sleep mode, it does not necessarily disable them. Users can actually set the apps that are not frequently used to keep them in sleep mode most of the times to save the power. E.g. instead of hibernating apps like alarms and schedule, one can hibernate power hungry apps that are not being used regularly but always run in the background to drain all the battery out of the phone.

    [button color=”green” size=”” type=”square” target=”blank” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oasisfeng.greenify”]Download Greenify[/button]

    Battery Aid – Saver & Manager

    Battery aid saver & manager android

    This app is great for the fact that it adds some smart new features to saving the battery life of the android phone. This is also a free app from the play store that brings in some cool features such as turning off the Wi-Fi, mobile data and greentooth when they are not being use. Users also have the ability to synchronize apps as well. Other cool features also include screen timeouts and brightness of the display. You can always get these from the settings option. But this app particularly keeps all the most used apps at a single place. The company has a very organized team as well as they provide testing service for their users in the Google plus.

    [button color=”green” size=”” type=”square” target=”blank” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.battery.plusfree”]Download Battery Aid – Saver & Manager[/button]

    Juice defender

    Juice defender android battery life

    This app may seem to an infinite amount of cool options to choose from when it comes to saving battery. It is probably the best power saver in the current market and surely my most favorite one. It gives the power to the user to manually handle whether they want to keep power consuming features like Wi-Fi, data or greentooth turned on or off. It also synchronize the background as well. And it does it quite efficiently. Moreover, it also provides paid versions as well that may meet some people’s expectations.

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