Apps Managing Daily Life

Apps Managing Daily Life

January 4, 2019 By ellen

    Before apps and cell phones ever existed to help with planning, managing, and announcements, tangible planners were used, reading the newspaper, and printing out information was common.

    Applications Directing Our Lives

    Now, there is an app for everything that will organize your daily life: taking notes or managing messages. Gathering information is no longer labor intensive.  For instance, there is an app for every store. If you want to save money, find a coupon from a store, or save receipts and scan them through an app to save money (Ibotta). There is also an app for entertainment, movies, and even buying your favorite coffee. Do you want a taxi or transportation? An app is readily available.

    Processing Our Busy Lives

    Your Android phone has become your personal assistant, secretary, and resource for a number of circumstances in  your life. The ultimate goal in our lives is to manage all the processed information from social media, contacts, news, weather, and our passwords. In our information age, it is easy to forget all the passwords, numbers, and messages on a daily basis.

    Options For Apps

    Your new Android phone can offer you 10 apps for managing your life and gathering information easily.  The app Dark Sky can predict the weather and even the rain. Another app called Clue, can track your health and even the pills you take.  Their is another app, that is offered though Google, that can keep your files organized. Our phones have become computers in our hands.