Arming with Knowledge not Guns

Arming with Knowledge not Guns

August 22, 2019 By ellen

    Being Armed with Common Sense

    Arm Me With

    Teachers do not want to be armed with guns. Being armed with guns would only be treating the symptoms. Our country has been bombarded by school shootings. A couple times a month our schools are taken over by injuries and wounds. When or how will it end?

    An Atrocity: Children Being Killed in School

    Sandy Hook

    The atrocities that children endure in our current time with limited gun regulations and accessibility over the internet doesn’t leave much to be said except one word: horrific. Thirteen dead at columbine and 26 dead at Sandy Hook creates that horror of our time. More than 187,000 have been exposed to gun violence. Many have experienced a shooting during school hours.

    Arm Me With

    Arming with Love

    Teachers have started this campaign of #Arm Me With Me. They do not want to be armed with guns but with knowledge, resources, and ideas to better support students. Teachers have asked for more funding, more books, and smaller class sizes to make an impact on students. Mental health issues and bullying are the core of some gun violence acts, but unfortunately these issues are not addressed.

    Why is Arming Teachers with a Weapon not the Answer?

    Arming Teachers

    Arming teachers would cause a great risk to the students. The negative impact on students if teachers carried guns would be scary: If a student is angry they could grab for the gun and turn it on the teacher, the gun could accidentally go off, and the teacher might not be able to make a correct judgment because he/she is not an officer. If students know that a teacher has a gun in the classroom, the atmosphere could be intensely dangerous.

    Should Gun Laws be Thought as Changing Society?

    Gun Violence in America

    Americans support more restrictions on gun legislation. A call for stricter guidelines and background checks is the effect of mass shootings in high schools and elementary schools. The shooting at Parkland, Florida has led to a number of possible decisions for future access to guns. In the music video, “This is America,” it speaks to the violence in America and how society has taken a turn. This is the scariest phenomenon for us today.