Fix Attempted Execute of Noexecute Memory on Windows 10

Fix Attempted Execute of Noexecute Memory on Windows 10

August 8, 2018 By alberto

     Everyday, You may hear about new errors that users are encountering. Now, You will get some tips to fix attempted execute of noexecute memory blue screen error. It appears on Windows 10, 8 or 7.

    Attempted Execute of Noexecute Memory Screenshot

    When you encounter this error, you feel so helpless as you can’t do anything until your computer restarts. Sometimes, It comes with an additional bug check error code 0x000000FC. It may be annoying to some users. But, It can be a severe issue for some people. So, To know how to repair this BSOD is a good idea.

    A few common things can cause attempted execute of noexecute memory problem. Faulty, Outdated drivers, issues on the memory module and corrupted system files are the most common reason behind this problem.

    How to Fix Attempted Execute of Noexecute Memory on Windows 10

    You know there are different types of reasons that may cause this problem. So, I can’t provide any particular solution for you. But, You can try some effective methods to get rid of attempted execute of noexecute memory.

    1. Check for Memory Problems

    For this blue screen of death, detecting and fixing memory problems should be your first step to fix it. Because memory issues are one of the most common reasons behind it. By the way, You can run Windows Memory Diagnostic to identify RAM problems.

    • First of all, Open Start Menu, type memory diagnostic, click on Windows memory diagnostic.
    • Now, Click on Restart now and check for problems (recommended).

    The whole process may take a long time to finish. By the way, If you find any problems, You can read this article to know how to fix the common memory problems.

    If memory issues are the real reason, it will fix attempted execute of noexecute memory.

    2. Update Windows

    You should check for latest Windows updates and install if there is any available. Sometimes, It fixes common problems including blue screen of death.

    3. Update Drivers

    Faulty, outdated drivers can be another thing that can cause this problem. So, You should fix the driver problems. But, How can you do it? If you update them, it will fix all common bugs with your drivers. Here is how to update drivers.

    4. Scan for Viruses

    The computer virus can corrupt your PC and cause various BSOD errors. So, To fix attempted execute of noexecute memory, you should scan your PC for viruses with a good antivirus program. Then, Remove the viruses. Sometimes, It may work.

    5. Repair Corrupted System Files

    Problems within Windows system files is another common thing that causes BSOD errors. So, You also should try to repair the faulty system files. It should fix the problem if it were the actual issue. By the way, Read this article to know how you can do it.

    These are the most practical methods to solve attempted execute of noexecute memory. I hope these will help you. But, Do you know any other way?