Be Aware of FB-Safety Centre Fake Notifications and How to Stop It

Be Aware of FB-Safety Centre Fake Notifications and How to Stop It

March 30, 2017 By alberto

    Hackers are trying to have your personal information in so many ways. Facebook is a great social media platform. If you become a bit unconscious, You may lose your account to a hacker. Even, Your personal information can be leaked for a single mistake. Recently, Many users have got a notification from FB-Safety Centre. This is nothing but a notification from scammer(s).

    They share your profile picture and attach a message like this-

    Be Aware of FB-Safety Centre Scam Notifications

    Facebook you will immediately be disabled!
    Because someone had reported to us that your account misappropriate or violate the terms of our requirements.
    account in the report include, namely:
    • Write content that is profane or prohibited.
    • Upload photos or videos of porn
    • Using a false name or multiple names
    • Insulting or hurt someone else in your account.
    If you are the original owner of this account, Follow link here : ##############
    If you do not confirm your account within 12 hours, your account will automatically be permanently disabled and you will not be able to use it again.
     Because we assume you actually do the validity and violate our terms.
     The Facebook Security Team

    If you think this is from real facebook security team and follow the link, You will have to lose your personal information. So, Be careful before being a victim of crappy scammer. This is not a new problem that users are facing. A few months ago, Someone posted on facebook community forum about similar issue.

    How to Stop Getting Fake FB-Safety Centre Notifications:

    Well, When someone share your public profile picture or any contents, You will get notification. So, If you want to stop getting these annoying notifications, You can simply change your profile picture privacy to only friends or only me. It will only protect your profile picture. If you don’t want to change privacy of your public photos or contents, You also can stop getting these types of notifications by tweaking a simple setting. Here are instructions:

    • Simply, Navigate to Settings >Public Post.
    • Now, Click on Public Post Notifications and set it to Friends of Friends or Nobody.

    You also can check your FB login activities and trusted device lists for better security.