Backup Ads Google Adsense – How to Guide

Backup Ads Google Adsense – How to Guide

November 4, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Backup ads is a great feature of google adsense. This is a feature that is unknown to many adsense publishers. This feature can help you a lot. Sometimes, You may notice that adsense ads are not showing. There is blank space or solid color. This is not a problem. This is a simple matter. Let’s know in details.

    Adsense Backup Ads:

    When ads are not available to display, Adsense ads area shows a blank space or solid color. You can fill this space by other third-party ads or affiliate banner. This is called backup ads. Adsense never gives you guarantee of 100% ad fill rate. So adsense allows to take advantages of backup ads. When adsense ad is not available to display, Other backup ads will be displayed instead of adsense ad for that particular moment. So, All adsense publishers should take this advantage. Now you will know the way to set backup ads in adsense.

    How to Set Backup Ads in Adsense:

    This process can be done in 3 steps. Let’s know these step by step.

    Step 1: Creating Folder

    In this step, You will need to do the following things.

    • At first login into your cpanel or custom panel.
    • Then go to File Manager.
    • Open Public_html folder.
    • Now create a folder for adsense backup ads. You can give the folder name as backup ads.

    Step 2: Uploading Backup Ads

    In this step you just need to upload your backup ads to the newly created folder. But before that, You have to create your ads. To do it –

    • Open Notepad.
    • Now paste your affiliate banner code or any custom html code.
    • Then save it as backup-ad-1.html. You also can give any other name. But don’t forget to add .html after the name.
    • Now you can upload your backup ads.

    Step 3: Placing Backup Ads in Adsense

    This is the last step. In this step, You will need to do these following things –

    • Login into your adsense publisher account.
    • Click on My ads from the top menu.

    clicking on my ads adsense - backup ads

    • Now you will see all of your ad slot list. Click on any of your ad slots.
    • Now look at bottom. You will find backup ads. Click on that.
    • Select Show other ads from another URL.

    placing adsense backup ads

    • Now give your newly uploaded backup ad link. If your ad name is backup-ad-1.html and folder name is backup ads, Your ad link will be like this

    If you do it correctly, You will never see any blank space or solid color instead of adsense ads. You will see your backup ad box or banner. 🙂

    If you think this method is difficult for you, You can upload your backup ad by following another method.

    Alternative Method to Upload Backup Ads:

    If you want to show backup ads in wordpress based website or blog, You can follow the instructions given below.

    • Login into you Admin dashboard.
    • Click on Media from the left sidebar. You also can directly navigate to
    • Now click on Add New and upload your backup ad.

    adsense backup ads file url

    • After uploading ad, You will see its link in File URL box.

    I hope, You have already learned how to set adsense backup ads. If you have any question, Please, Fill free to ask me.

    Note: You must upload ads according to adsense program policies.