Best Battery Saver Apps for Android Phone

Best Battery Saver Apps for Android Phone

January 7, 2017 By alberto

    Among the smartphone world, Android phone is now trending everywhere. Even, many iPhone users are switching to Android OS for its various features and dozens of advantages. But battery life is the only one issue to struggle by the Android users. Gladly, there are many charge saver apps available in Google Play Store you can install on your Android phone.

    The Best Battery Saver Android Apps to Try Now:

    You may have a nice android experience but when it’s about phone’s charging lifespan experience then it may be vice versa. To enhance your battery power experience you may try the apps I am going to describe below.

    1. Greenify:

    You can use Greenify even if you have rooted or non-rooted android phone. It doesn’t need an introduction to most of the Android user who actually likes to root their phones. Greenify has some advanced features and offers a higher level of tweaking.

    1. DU Battery Saver:

    It is one of the most popular apps downloaded from Google Play Store. This app has more than 400 million users. Along with managing your charge lifespan it has a useful feature “Phone Cooler”. This feature calmly protects your hardware. So, if you want to go for an app which has tried and used by the majority number of users then you can go for it.

    1. Battery Doctor:

    It’s the exact app you’re searching for. This app helps you to identify your draining issues and also helps to fix those issues. It will show you which apps are guilty to drain your charge power. So, you can limit those app’s accesses and prevents draining. This app provides a few necessary nice tweaks for better performance and regulated charging.

    1. Battery Optimizer & Cleaner:

    It offers more than just battery power. It helps to clean other memory and improve the speed of the phone. You can also review your mobile data usage by it.

    1. Avast Battery Saver:

    This is a multitasking android app. It regulates and controls various features of a smartphone. It helps to find out those reasons consuming your power and regulate the activity of those apps and services.

    1. Snapdragon BatteryGuru:

    If your android device makes use of a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor then you can find every charge related solution on this app. Snapdragon BatteryGuru is a Qualcomm app. It learns about your habit details for seven days period to help you optimizing phone’s performance by dealing with battery consumption and usage.

    1. Clean Master (Boost & AppLock):

    It is commonly known Android app supplier & downloaded from Google Play Store. The best part of it is it comes with a lot of additional features. To keep your charge lifespan clean it is the best choice to go for.

    1. ShutApp- Real Battery Saver:

    As the sounds, it shuts all the apps that drain charge. It’s a simpler process to improve power. This shutting down app process prevents all those apps running in the background which consumes immediate battery’s power.

    1. Go Battery Saver & Power Widget:

    It is one of a popular android app. This app comes with a number of features to improve your phone’s charge lifespan. It is specially designed to view information about the performance. This also helps you to estimate the battery’s life like how you can extend your phone’s power by shutting down Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Data.

    1. 360 Battery: Battery Saver:

    This is also an app to improve phone’s lifespan. It monitors on your smartphone and provides all the information back to you.  So, you can control power usage and consumption. It also comes with preset modes to apply so that this app can do their work. It also kills all those charge thirsty apps before they can even launch in the background.

    You can try one of these battery saver apps for your android phone. I hope you will get a better experience.