Top 10 Best High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives 2018

Top 10 Best High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives 2018

September 14, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    There is no doubt that google adsense is the best and leading online ad network. But having an adsense publisher account is not so easy. There are millions of webmasters who have been rejected by google adsense. Many of them are looking for good high paying adsense alternatives. But, There are so many online ad networks. So you can be confused which one will be best for you. So, Today, You will know about the best 10 google adsense alternatives that pays higher.

    which are the best adsense alternatives

    Top 10 High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives:

    It is a bit hard to choose 10 best alternatives for google. But it is not impossible. Let’s know which are the top 5 adsense alternatives.

    1. Media.Net: is the best adsense alternative. It is also tough to get an publisher account. But it pays higher. Some peoples think it pays higher than adsense. It provides ads from bing and yahoo ad networks. So the ad quality is so clean and attractive. If your website get many visitors from USA or UK, You can apply for a publisher account. For visitors, has a great offer. You will get extra 10% of your next 365 days earnings. This 10% revenue offer will be available till November, 2016. To grab this offer, Click on :

    You will get paid when, You earn $100.

    2. infolinks:

    Infolinks is one of the best adsense alternatives. It provides best paying text ads. You can monetize your website contents with infolinks. It has also banner ads. You also can use it with adsense. If your website gets good traffic from search engines, infolinks will be a money machine. Probably, It is the best high paying text ad solutions. You can get payment after reaching $50. To get infolink publisher account, Visit:

    3. Propellerads:

    Propellerads is another top adsense alternative. It is good option to earn from your website. It is a popular ad network. It pays you when you earn $100. It offers same ads as revenuehits. But its ads are more clean which can attract your visitors. To get propellerads account, Visit:

    4. RevenueHits:

    RevenueHits is another best high paying adsense alternative. It pays higher than many other adsense alternatives. But the main attraction is, You can get paid when you earn $20. It offers different sizes of ads including popup and popunder. It also offers shadow ads which can increase your earnings. To apply for revenuehits publisher account, Visit:

    5. Adversal:

    Adversal is another super adsense alternative. It also pays good amount. If your website gets minimum 50,000 page views per month, You can apply for this. There is no chance to earn low from this ad network. It also provides google ads. You can easily apply for adversal publisher account by clicking here:

    These are the top 5 adsense alternatives. Else, There are some other adsense alternatives which may be suitable for you.

    6. AdsOptimal:

    Another new comer is Ads Optimal. It is a very good ad network and pays much higher than many other ad networks. You also can can apply for it. To apply visit:

    7.  Chitika:

    Chtika is one of the most popular ad networks. It offers different sizes banners and ads. To know more, Visit:

    8. Bidvertiser:

    Bidvertiser is another adsense alternative. It provides display, popup and some other format ads. To know visit:

    9. AyBoll:

    Native advertising is being so popular. In 2015, You can choose ayboll for it. It is also a good adsense alternative. To know visit:

    10. Viglink:

    Viglink is one of a popular alternatives to adsense. You can get payment after earning $10. To know more, Visit:

    These are the best adsense alternatives.

    This is another adsense alternative. You can apply from here:

    In fact, There are many adsense alternatives. Some of these are not good as you think. So, This top 10 high paying adsense alternative article may help you. I’ll be updating this article regularly. Because, No one stays at top forever. I’ll also publish some articles which will help you to boost your revenue. If you have a blog, But you are not earning from it, Don’t wait. Sign up any of these ad networks and monetize your efforts.