Best iPhone Games that Dominate All Time!

Best iPhone Games that Dominate All Time!

October 3, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    The iOS is one of the best mobile operating systems for the gamers as it provides all kinds of games to thrill on. So, we are going to announce the best iPhone games ever time.

    You Must Play These Best iPhone Games Once Time At least: 

    The iOS offers the best games for every age of people. Whether you’re a kid, old or middle-aged person, you can enjoy your free times playing games on iOS. The iOS games are full of action, strategy, puzzles, adventures, and RPGs. Our today’s list will declare the best iPhone games of all time.

    20. Angry Birds

    Angry Birds

    Angry Birds is not the latest game in the App Store. It is one of the most played games of the gaming era. There are hardly any people who haven’t played it ever. This game is available for Windows and Android operating system users also. If you’ve somehow missed playing this game, you need to install it now on your iPhone. It’s a big and challenging game and worthy of playing.

     19. Monument Valley

    Monument Valley HD

    This can be a great time pass game for you where you have to direct a silent princess across the impossible architecture and you also need to manipulate the world to see fit to make her proceed to the next area. It has heavy use of visual illusions and experience as an homage to M.C Escher.

    18. The Lego Movie Video Game

    The Lego Movie Video Game HD

    You can play the role of Emmet (The Protagonist of the Lego Movie). He is the most ordinary Lego minifig that you imagine and goes through an epic adventure to save the world wherein the journey he is terribly and uproariously unprepared for all the situations.

    17. Crossy Road

    crossy road game

    From my personal perspective, I loved to play this game. Crossy Road is a classic game to play ever. You need to have the full focus on the game. If you divert your mind for a little bit, you will get the clash with the hurdles. It’s a natural and too hard game unless you lose your focus while crossing the road. I love to spend currency to unlock random features, creatures and add to my game collection. It’s so simple to earn currency in the middle of the game watching an ad video

    16. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas HD

    It is a recreation of the GTA: San Andreas. It was first released on the pc. Grand theft Auto: San Andreas is exclusively developed for iPhone and iPad devices. It was first released on the pc. Grand Theft Auto SA has a stunning colorful view that with a detailed game to play incredibly.

    15. Worms 3

    Worms 3 HD

    Worms! Being one of the iOS games; it is a true successor to the series. It is the best ballistic games you can play on your iPhone or iPad. It has also detailed follow up to Worms 2: Armageddon. It is specially and exclusively designed for the iPhone users.

    14. Clash of Clans

    Clash of Clans

    Clash of clans isn’t only the best games for iPhone users. It has the vast numbers players of Android phones users. As long as you’ve got the live internet connection, you’re ready to go on to fight the battle to win Clans. It is dominating the iTunes app store and Google Play Store for many years. You have to create resources to spend on defenses, troops, buildings, and many more. It is important in this game to loot other players’ bases as well as protecting yourselves.

    13. Infinity Blade 3

    Infinity Blade 3 HD

    Enjoy the longstanding series of swipe action role-playing in the third game of chairs and epic games. It has awesome series visual to the next level. Grab all the harnessing raw power of the iPhone and iPad devices.

    12. Cut The Rope

    cut the rope

    One of my 6 years old cousin is so much devoted to play this game. Whenever I see her busy on the screen of her tablet either she is watching her favorite Cartoons or playing Cut The Rope game in her mom’s iPhone. This game has gained much popularity from the time it was released on the app store of iPhone and Android. It is undoubtedly one of the best iPhone games to play now if you’ve never played it.

    11. Hearthstone


    This game has been always the most popular game among many. There are many new games coming in the app store but no one could replace its digital existence and position. It is a comfortable game for any kind of skilled player. You don’t need a pretty much experience for handling the game’s peaks.

    10. Bastion

    Bastion HD

    Bastion is a little bit dated for the iOS in this time. Maybe you’ve already played it. But it is still one of the best action games to enjoy on iPhone. The available decent upgrading mechanics and storyline may leave you in tears.

    9. Jetpack Joyride

    jetpack joyride

    A full touch control game for enjoying the challenge of beating and escaping threats coming on the way. Playing the game while you’re in your leisure time at your office is not a bad time pass at all. All you need to install this from the APP store if you’ve not played it yet.

    8. The Silent Age

    The Silent Age HD

    It is a tap and points adventure games. It goes on by two settings across the time in 1972 0r 2012. It is really worth of getting from iTunes.

    7. Vainglory

    Vainglory HD

    It is for those who long for online player v/s player fight.  Also, it has art graphics, especially for the iPhone. Vainglory is three on three team-based actions and fun game. Thankfully, it’s free on iPhone and iPad.

    6. Kingdom Rush

    kingdom rush

    It’s another tower based game in the App Store of iOS. It is one of the best iPhone games for those passionate who are fond of tower defense games. You can easily migrate to different directions to build buildings.

    5. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies

    Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies HD

    It is originally released on Nintendo 3DS. Dual destinies define text adventure heading by capcom which is perceived by the lawyers- Athena Cykes and Phoenix Wright. They defend a girl named Juniper Woods accused of the bombing in a courtroom. It has a tremendous storyline and heavy texts like other Ace Attorney games.

    4. The Banner Saga

    The Banner Saga HD

    This epic game made a great impression on the PC when it was first released. It is defined with well planned strategic gameplay added with depth storyline. It is available on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.

    3. Animal Crossing

    Animal Crossing

    The most famous Nintendo game developer has created many revolutionary games till now. One of its creation is Animal Crossing. This game includes the theme of a village and charming world of Isabelle. There’s is always something interesting to do in the game. You can invite your friends and exchange favors in return for some goodies.

    2. Pokemon Go

    pokemon go

    It’s a free game available for both Android and iOS users. Pokemon Go has become much familiar with the whole world within a very short time for its special appearances in the gaming world.

    1. Lara Croft Go

    lara croft go

    A successful characteristic has been showed in the game and grabbed pretty much popularity. Lara Croft Go is a game where a girl named Lara Croft is visualized in the whole game for crossing and winning the challenges.

    So, you got the best iPhone games of all time ever. Install them if you haven’t played them till now.

    feature image credit: idrop news