Best Permalink Structure for WordPress Site

Best Permalink Structure for WordPress Site

October 30, 2018 By alberto

    Which is the best permalink structure for your wordpress site? This is a very common question. I think most you know the answer. But still i’ll discuss about it.

    screenshot wordpress permalink structure settings

    Best SEO Friendly Permalink Structure for WordPress Site:

    You may ask me which is the best SEO friendly structure of permalink for wordpress site. Then I will answer To get this permalink structure,

    • From your wordpress site dashboard, Go to Setting > Permalinks
    • Then select post name from common settings.
    • Then click on Save Changes.

    This is the best SEO friendly link structure for your wordpress site. But you may ask me which is the worst permalink structure for SEO. The answer is

    I think you knew about it. But do you know which is the best SEO & performance friendly permalink structure? May be not.

    Permalink Structure for Better Performance & SEO:

    The permalink structures which start with numeric value is the best structure for performance. So,, are some examples of link structure for better performance and SEO. But the the best method is using post ID at the beginning. So the structure should be like If you are on shared hosting this will be your best permalink structure for SEO & Performance. To configure this structure –

    • Go to Setting > Permalinks.
    • Check on Custom Structure.
    • Then type /%post_id%/%postname%/.
    • Now click on save changes.

    If you have an old website using different link stracture, You should not change it. If you want to change it, You need to create 301 redirect to new permalink structure. If you are not expert, I don’t recommend you to your permalink. But if you are using this permalink, You can change it. Because, By default, WordPress will redirect all posts to new permalink.

    If you feel you should change your permalink structure. And you will create 301 redirect to new permalink. You should read Redirect Old Permalink to New Permalink.

    There might be some plugins to redirect from old permalink to new. You can search from here.

    If you have any additional question, You can ask me by comment.