Bill Cosby, America’s Dad, Receives Unfair Treatment

Bill Cosby, America’s Dad, Receives Unfair Treatment

October 30, 2018 By ellen

    Is the color of your skin a determiner of how you get treated in this country?

    Has it Always been Fair Treatment?

    African Americans through time have been accused. They have been accused of sexual assault. The African American male has been caught up in long trials that reach no end: OJ Simpson and Clarence Thomas.

    Unfortunately, a man who inspired millions was accused of assaulting a woman 14 years ago. He wasn’t an ordinary man. He showed up on everyone’s television in the 1980’s.  He is an icon of family television viewing. Before the internet, Netflix, and Hulu, this man was the king of T.V. sitcoms.  He was “America’s Dad” (CNN) and everyone looked up to him.

    A Couple of Reasons Why He is being accused:

    • He is famous
    • Racism
    • Elderly and no Concern for his Age
    • The Accuser Wants Money from the Accused
    • He really committed the act

    Should his Age be a Factor in the Sentencing? 

    Bill Cosby, now 84, is facing a long prison sentence. He is legally blind. He uses a cane. He is in his elderly years, and yet he has 3-10 years of prison. He hasn’t been treated well in prison. A few items have been removed from his possession: shoelaces, cane, and tie. So, why is a man of his years being treated this way? The law sees only a crime and not who he is as a person.

    Hatred from the Public Shows Immaturity

    A stale hot dog bun was thrown at him. He fell down on the steps after having it thrown at him. There is a saying that says “don’t kick a man when he is down.” Our society will kick a hero when he disappoints his followers. Bill Cosby has lost a lot of followers. He is thrown into prison. He is left helpless.

    Facing the Reality is not Fair

    Bill Cosby is a fallen figure of our time. He was humorous and knew how to capture an audience. Now, he’s capturing an audience that is hateful, racist, and judgemental.  He went from a great T.V. Dad to a prison inmate. Andrew Wyatt, Bill Cosby’s spokesperson, said Cosby was treated unfairly and the trial was not just.

    You be the judge of “America’s Dad” being treated unfairly or not.