Bill Gates’s $2 billion investment for clean energy partnership

Bill Gates’s $2 billion investment for clean energy partnership

December 4, 2015 By alberto

    Bill Gates has finally decided to give an announcement on the biggest cleaner energy partnership of our century, as it has been stated in a ClimateWire report. This brand new partnership shall be thoroughly focused on new ways of deploying and researching energy that does not contain carbon. The partnership is going to be funded by Bill Gates and several philanthropists from all around the world. While Bill Gates’ investments is capturing the attention of people every passing second, India, the USA and other nations have finally made an agreement to deepen the research while developing their funds for energy that is 100% clean.

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    Gates Foundation’s approach

    The foundation of Bill Gates does not usually invest money in technology based on energy. It is a foundation that mostly focuses on poverty and people who are going through tough situations. However, Bill Gates became eager to give an investment of about two billion for energy not containing carbon. Gates’ goal, according to his talk on TED back in 2010 is allowing the human race to stop using carbon emissions, if not now, in the period of thirty-five years ahead.

    Bill Gates’ opinion on carbon emissions

    According to Gates, the world is currently spending just a couple of billions each year to conduct researches for the earliest ideas based on energy that is zero-carbon. He added that the world should be giving a lot more money for this kind of research, at least 2 to 3 times more.

    Gates’ fund might change the future of producing energy

    So far, the details about Bill Gates’ investment are still not thoroughly clear. He has already invested in different technologies based on ambitious energy, and has given a lot of thought and interest on many topics similar to this one. One of his investments known as Terrapower is based on tiny nuclear reactors which are fully sodium-cooled and might use uranium that is depleted instead of fuel. Gates was also bringing up chemical fuels based on solar energy in the past, as well as wind farms with high altitude that can use crafts which are air born to produce and create wind energy.

    Gates’ statement in The Atlantic

    This month, Gates did an interview for The Atlantic in which he spoke about several ideas and investments. He stated that his foundation wants to financially aid the person who believes in the efficiency of high wind, and to the person who believes that sunlight can aid in the creation of oil. He also added that there are many different ideas, but there is also the procedure of enabling different technologies that can help in the process of making the idea possible.

    Even though Gates’ foundation has been funding many different cases and studies based on technology, the foundation’s latest investment might be a revolutionary approach to saving our planet and improving our lives at the same time.