How to Block Someone from Sending You Email

How to Block Someone from Sending You Email

October 23, 2018 By alberto

    Blocking or blacklisting is a very popular feature. Almost all social networks have this facility for users. It allows them to get rid of unwanted messages, notifications and some other things. But, Have you ever thought of blocking unwanted sender from sending you an email? Probably, Yes. Unfortunately, Many users are not aware of this feature for email.

    Most of us use gmail, outlook or yahoo. All of them have the options to filter emails and specific senders. In this article you will know about it.

    How Blocking Unwanted Email Senders can Help You:

    Actually, It helps you in many ways. May be, There is someone who is sending you emails for nothing but interrupting you. You are getting incoming mail notifications in your smartphone. It is reducing your phone’s battery life. Probably, You are getting offers from same sender even after unsubscription request. Else, Everyday, We are being disturbed by incoming emails from some common unwanted senders. In that case, Blocking that mail sender can help you a lot.

    Guide to Block Someone from Sending You Email:

    To avoid unwanted emails from unwanted persons, Blocking or filtering feature can be very helpful. Actually, It is pretty easy to block someone from sending emails. Almost all mail services have an option to filter out specific emails and senders. This options is commonly located in settings. For your convenience, I’m proving instructions for Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo.

    How to Block Unwanted Email Senders in Gmail:

    It is very simple to filter emails and senders in Google’s gmail. Here are the steps to follow:

    • First of all, Login into your gmail account from here:
    • Open any email from the unwanted sender.
    • Then, Click on the drop down icon beside the reply button.
    • Now, Choose Block “Unwanted Sender Name”.

    Blocking Someone in Gmail

    From now, All emails from this sender will be marked as spam. But, If you want more control, You can filter this sender. Here are the steps.

    • Click on the drop down icon and choose Filter messages like this.
    • Then, Click on Create filter with this search.
    • Now, You can mark Delete it. This will delete mails immediately after receiving from this sender. There are also some other options. You can choose what you prefer.

    blocking email address in outlook

    How to Block Someone from Sending Email in Outlook:

    If you have @outlook, @hotmail or @live mail addresses, You also can filter unwanted emails very easily. Here, I’ve explained how to do it.

    • At first, Login into your email account from
    • Now, Click on setting icon and choose Options.
    • From left sidebar, Expend Mail. It should be expended by default.
    • Anyway, Look at the Junk email section. You should find the option called Blocked senders. Click on it.
    • Now, You can type the unwanted email address and click on add button. You also can block all email addresses of any organization by adding the domain address. For example, You want to block all email addresses which includes ([email protected]). You can do this by adding there.

    blocking email address in yahoo

    How to Block an Email Address in Yahoo Mail:

    Yahoo allow its users to block up to 1000 addresses. To do this follow these steps.

    • At first, Login into your yahoo mail account from
    • Now, Go to Settings > Blocked Addresses.
    • Add the email addresses you want to block.
    • After doing it, Click on Save.

    There are also some other popular email services. Users also can filter or block specific senders there. All methods are almost similar. Please note that most mail services update their inbox interface regularly. So, My above instructions may not be 100% accurate all time. But, These will help you to get the path how to block someone from sending you email.