Block Unwanted Youtube Videos & Channels

September 27, 2018 By alberto

    Everyday we watch many videos such as News, Movies, Drama, Comedy and many other Video Clips. But sometimes we have to face unexpected situation for some videos. Again , your children may try to watch adult videos. But you don’t want to give them any opportunity to watch adult video. Or may be you don’t like some video channels in YouTube. You want to block them. So you are looking for the easiest solution. No need to search more. I’ve come with the easiest trick to block videos and channels. So today, you will know how to block unwanted YouTube videos and channels.



    How To Block Unwanted YouTube Videos and Channels:

    Its very easy. You just need a Chrome Extension called Video Blocker. Lets know how to use this extension.

    Steps To Block YouTube Channels:

    1. First of all add Video Blocker extension to your Google Chrome browser from here.


    2. Now go to YouTube. You will see an icon of video blocker in the left side of your address bar. For clear understanding look at the picture below.


    3. Now find the annoying and unwanted videos and channels.

    4. Click on the thumbnail of a annoying video of an annoying channel by right button of your mouse. Now select Block Videos From This Channel.


    Yes. You have blocked an unwanted YouTube channel. By this way, you can block every channel you want. So you learned how to block a YouTube channel.

    Now you will know how to block YouTube videos.

    Steps To Block YouTube Videos:

    1. Go to YouTube and open an unwanted YouTube video.

    2. Click on the icon of Video Blocker Google Chrome extension.

    3. Click on Plus(+) Sign.


    4. You will see a text box. In the right side of the text box, you will see a drop down option.


    5. Click on that drop down option and select K-Keyword.

    6. Now type the annoying video keyword here. Suppose i’ll block this video ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’. So i’ll type aashiq banaya.


    7. Now click on the mark sign.

    Yes. You have blocked an unwanted & annoying YouTube video. By following this steps, you can easily block unwanted YouTube videos and channels.