How to Fix Bluestacks Market not Found

How to Fix Bluestacks Market not Found

October 12, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Almost everyone wants to run android apps in PC. In that case, Windows PC users’ first choice is bluestacks android app player. This the widely used android app emulator. But you may face some trouble at the beginning. I mean during installation any apps, You may face some errors that may prevent you to install apps via bluestacks in your PC. Bluestacks market not found error is one of them. Many people call it as bluestacks search error. I’ve shared some bluestacks error in this site before. But today, I’ll discuss about this market not found error and its solutions.

    market not found on bluestacks - how to resolve

    Bluestacks Market not Found:

    This is an installation error. But it is not like bluestacks error 25000 or Bluestacks MSI log error. These errors prevent you to install bluestacks. But bluestacks market not found error prevents you to install android apps in bluestacks.

    When you try to search any apps in bluestacks, This error may appear. It is also known as bluestacks search error. This error comes with a pop up box with the following message – “Market not found. Search Web for installation recipe?”.

    What Causes Bluestacks Market not Found:

    When you search an app in bluestacks, It searches on local market to get the installer file. If it fails to get that file, It shows you the market not found error. In past, Bluestacks came with google play store pre-installed. But now it doesn’t come with this official app store for android. That’s why, Error market not found has become so acute. But i’m not saying 1mobile or amazon app market is bad.

    Fix Market not Found on BlueStacks:

    There are some ways which help you to fix or avoid bluestacks market not found during installing apps. Now, You will know these one by one.

    Method 1: Install Apk Directly

    You can install apk directly to avoid market not found error bluestacks. To do it –

    • Download the app’s apk file which you want to install.
    • Now right click on the apk file and Navigate to Open With > Bluestacks. If you don’t see bluestacks there, Navigate Open With > Choose Another App. Now browse C:\Program Files\Bluestacks\ and select HD-ApkHandler.exe.
    • Click on OK.
    • It will install app automatically.

    Method 2: Install App from

    This a good method to fix bluestacks market not found error. You just need to set google play store as default app store. Let’s see the instructions.

    • Select All apps or My apps.
    • Click on Help.
    • You will be redirected to
    • Change the url to and hit Enter.
    • Now you will be ask to choose Play Store or Browser. Check on Use by Default for this action and Click on Play Store.
    • You may require to enter your google account credentials.
    • Now, All installation of apps will be from Google Play Store.

    Method 3: Install Google Market Play Store to Fix Market not Found Error

    You know google play services is not pre-installed in bluestacks. So you have to install it manually. It will resolve market not found error. You just need to download the following apk files and follow the method 1.







    After installing all of these apps. Restart bluestacks. Then open play store. Give your google account credentials. From now, You can install android apps from play store.

    These method should work to resolve bluestacks market not found error.

    source: techanges