How To Boost Adsense Revenue Easily

September 24, 2018 By alberto

    Google Adsense is world’s most powerful and popular online advertising network. Webmasters’ first choice is adsense to earn from their websites. But unfortunately Google doesn’t approve all webmasters’ application for adsense account. Because adsense has some rules. I don’t discuss about it right now. I’ll discuss it later in a new article. Today my topic is how to boost adsense revenue.

    Anyway, who got an adsense account, they are lucky. It’s a great opportunity for them to earn money from website. But it’s a matter of regret that maximum website owners don’t have any idea how to boost adsense earnings from their Google Adsense by following proper rules. Are you a beginner? Or are you a webmaster who want to know these rules and tricks to boost adsense earnings? If yes. This article is for you. So friends now i’ll discuss how to boost adsense revenue very easily.

    How To Boost Adsense Revenue Easily

    Boost Adsense Revenue By Following Some Basic Rules:

    To iboost adsense earnings you need to follow some rules which are mentioned below:

    Highly Qualified Unique and Attractive Article:

    High quality unique article is the first provision to boost adsense revenue. Your articles should be attractive. If your article fascinate the visitors, they will read your another article from your website. It will decrease your bounce rate. Which is very very good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well as it will boost adsense earnings. How can you be sure that your article is high quality article. See below some obvious rules of high quality article.

    -You Should write at least 350+ words. There should be a sub heading contained your focus keyword.

    -And obviously you need to choose a good keyword for your website.

    -Keyword density is another fact. Try to keep your keyword density 1.5-4%.

    To know how to write SEO friendly high quality article click here.

    High Paying Keywords:

    This is the very very important step to boost adsense revenue. Many webmasters are attracting low paying ads to their websites. Because, They don’t know enough about it. Always choose a high paying keyword for your article. It will bring more revenue to your adsense account. See the screenshot. One of a webmasters earned more than $5 just only for 1 click. Because, He knows the ways to boost adsense revenue.

    boost adsense revenue screenshot 5 USD per click


    Now you may want to know the way to select high paying keywords. To know which are high paying keywords, You need a google adwords account. In adwords account, Click on Tools from navigation bar. Then select keyword planner. In ‘Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category’ section type a keyword and click on get ideas. Then adwords will show your keyword’s rate. It will also show you which are high paying keywords related to your one. By this way you can easily select a high paying keyword. It will boost your adsense revenue.

    Responsive Mobile Optimized Design:

    Many people take it as less important part. But they are wrong. This is the most important fact, If you want to boost adsense earnings. Make your website responsive for Desktop, Tablet and mobile platform. It will increase your adsense revenue. Don’t give less importance to this point. I think you have to give high priority to make your website responsive.

    follow some rules to boost adsense revenue

    Ad Placement:

    Yes. It’s another condition to increase adsense earnings. You just need to select suitable ad place for your website. You can place 1/2 ads in side bar. Else you can use 2-3 ads for your article. It can be at the begging of article, middle of the article and end of the article. You can choose box ads or horizontal ads according to the layout structure of your website.

    -If your website is based on wordpress, you can use a good plugin. There are so many plugins for adsense. By a plugin, Adsense is very easy to use. You can place your ads in articles and sidebar very easily. You don’t need to place ad codes in each articles.

    But make sure you choose recommended ad sizes from your google adsense account. There is a new ad unite named Responsive. You can use that ad anywhere you want. Remember, Proper ad placements will boost adsense revenue.

    Color Combination:

    Yes. It’s less important. But sometimes it works good to boost adsense earnings. You should choose proper ad color. Make sure that the ad colors are matched with your website. You can do it from your adsense account. Just go to My ads. Now go to Ad Styles and choose your color. It will make your website cool and it helps to boost adsense revenue.

    Effective ways to boost adsense revenue

    Text & Display Ads:

    You should prefer this option. Many adsense users do this mistake. They love to see only display ads in their website. But its very bad idea. If you want to boost adsense earnings, you should select Text & Display ads from your adsense account.

    Adsense For Youtube:

    You shouldn’t use adsense only for your website. You should use it in youtube. Infact it will carry more revenue. You just need to enable Monetization from setting of your youtube video channel. And obviously you have to upload unique video to earn. Youtube earnings will be added to your adsense account on 21th day of month. It will contribute to boost adsense earnings.

    boost adsense revenue by google cse

    Google Custom Search Engine:

    Its another good way to boost adsense earnings. Just go to My Ads>Search. Now create a search engine for your website. You will get your Java Script code. Place it in your website. Now people can search your website content by your new search engine. In search result page, there will be some paid links. If people click on these links, you will earn money.

    You see a picture above which is an example of google CSE. Though i modified it a little bit. Anyway, Use Monetized Google Custom Search Engine (Google CSE) to boost adsense revenue faster.

    Google Adsense Rules:

    Please always be updated with adsense rules, terms and condition. If you violate their any rules by mistake, there is a chance to be blocked by adsense. So read the full adsense rules from here.

    By following these rules you can boost adsense revenue. If you have any questions, ask me by comment.