Boost Internet Speed – How to Guide

October 1, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    All of us have concern about our PC internet speed. Most of the time, we aren’t satisfied with it. You may pay for a high speedy internet package. But sometimes you may notice that you are not getting full bandwidth in your PC. Many people face this problem. They have complain about their browsing speed. All of you know that slow internet problem is very common. It can be solved, If the problem is on your PC. But most of us don’t know how to boost internet speed. Today, you will know the best solutions to speed up internet connection.


    Ways to Boost Internet Speed:

    I’ll give you 4 methods to optimize your internet connection. Let’s follow these methods.

    Method 1: Decrease Reserved Bandwidth

    Most of you are using windows PC. You should know that windows reserves some internet bandwidth. So if you want to get full speed, You need to decrease or turn off that reserved bandwidth. Know to how to decrease or disable reserved bandwidth.

    • Press Windows Logo+R from your keyboard to open RUN and type gpedit.msc


    • Now you will see a new window. There double click on Computer Configuration.


    • Then double click on Administrative Template.


    • Now Double Click on Network.


    • Double click on QoS Packet Scheduler.


    • Now Double Click on Limit Reserveable Bandwidth.


    • Now you will see another new window. Click o enable and set bandwidth limit(%) 0 (Zero). And then click apply and OK.


    • Now restart your PC. And you will experience a better internet speed than before.

    Method 2: Turn Off Windows Update Delivery Optimization

    Microsoft added a new feature to your windows 10. It may drain your bandwidth. Know How to Turn Off Windows Update Delivery Optimization.

    Method 3: Make Your Browser Faster

    It’s another important method. Sometimes you may experience your browsers’ poor performance. You can read two articles that i already wrote. By reading these articles you will know how to boost internet speed by improving browsers’ performance. These are Speed Up Google Chrome, Make Firefox Faster. You also can read this article Fix Google Chrome Kill Pages Problem.

    Method 4: Use Downloader

    To boost your download speed you can use downloader software. Best is Internet Download Manager (IDM). It’s not free. If you want a free software, then Eagleget will be the best option.

    Method 5: Use Cleaner Software

    Sometimes for your PC’s poor performance, you may face trouble with your internet speed. Then you may use a software like CCleaner to boost your internet speed as well as PC performance. You also can use AVG Tuneup.

    I hope, if you follow these methods above, you can boost internet speed of your PC.

    source: getintopc