How to Boost WordPress Site Speed

How to Boost WordPress Site Speed

November 5, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    WordPress is the most popular CMS. It is great in features. But WordPress is quite slow than other CMS. So, If you don’t optimize your wordpress site, You will lose your rank, visitors and subscribers. So, You should know the perfect ways to boost wordpress site speed.

    Best methods to boost wordpress site speed

    Site Speed is Most Important:

    If your site takes too much time to load, Visitors will leave your site. There are so many websites like your one. So the competition among the webmasters is very high. Everyone wants to provide good contents in their website / blog. But the only thing many webmasters don’t do is boosting wordpress site speed. So, You should take this advantage. If your site speed is better than your competitors, Definitely you will rank higher. In this article, I’ll discuss about some trick to speed up wordpress site speed.

    Boost WordPress Site Speed:

    There are so many ways to increase your wordpress site speed. But, I’ll tell you the best ways among them.

    Best Ways to Increase WordPress Site Speed:

    The best ways to boost wordpress site speed are –

    1. Choosing Good Host:

    This is the first important thing. There are thousands of web hosting / vps provider. But you will need to pick the best one to increase your wordpress site speed. Godaddy, Hostgator, InMotion Hosting are some good web hosting providers. There are also available managed wordpress hosting providers. WP Engine, Dreamhost, BlueHost are some of them. Godaddy and hostgator also provide managed wordpress hosting. You should pick the best host that is suitable for you.

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    2. Choosing Good Theme:

    This is the seconds most important fact that directly effect your wordpress site speed. You should always choose light weight themes which load quickly than others. If you plan to buy premium wordpress theme, ThemeForest and Mythemeshop can be your good choice. But always try to pick the most speedy wordpress theme.

    3. Using a Good Cache Plugin:

    Cache plugins help to increase site speed. A good cache plugin can do it very effectively. Choose a wordpress cache plugin that has all essential features minify html, js, css and browser cache. WP Fastest Cache, WP Rocket and W3 Total Cache can be your good choice.

    4. Optimizing Images:

    This one of the most important factor. According to my experience, Optimizing images can boost wordpress site speed by up to 50%. Many webmasters don’t give importance on this point. So, You should take this advantage. You use Compress JPEG & PNG images by TinyPNG or Optimus wordpress plugin to optimize images automatically.

    5. Using Content Delivery Network:

    This is another way to boost wordpress site speed. Content Delivery Network (CDN) can boost your site load time all over the world. If you use CDN, Your visitors will get very good speed from any corner of this glob. Because, Your contents will be served from edge servers. There are some very good CDN providers. MaxCDN can be your good choice. But if you have limited budget, I will recommend you to use KeyCDN. This the cheapest content delivery network provider and is a good alternative of MaxCDN.

    6. Placing Less Contents in Home Page:

    This is another good way to boost wordpress site speed. Try to have less contents in home page. It will make your home page lite weight. It also can help you to rank your website higher.

    7. Optimizing Database:

    This a secret trick. Majority of webmasters don’t know it. But you should pick this method to boost wordpress site speeed. You can optimize your database table from phpMyadmin or wordpress dashboard. You can use WP-Optimize plugin to optimize your database.

    8. Turning Off Pingback and Trackbacks:

    Turnng off pingback and trackbacks will boost your worpress site speed. Though it has a little impact. But you should turn this off, If you want to compete with others.

    9. Disabling HotLinking & Leeching:

    Turning of Hotlinking and leeching not only reduce your site load time but also save your valuable bandwidths. If you disable hotlinking, Other websites can’t use your images or static file by direct linking. You can do it from cpanel.

    10. Adding LazyLoad to Images:

    It is also a very good choice to boost wordpress site speed. If you eanble lazyload for images in your website, All images won’t load automatically until your visitors scroll down. It reduces your site load time.

    11. Adding Expires Header:

    Adding expires header also reduce site load time. Modern wordpress cache plugins have this option. So, You don’t need to give extra time on this point. Just enable this feature from your cache plugin.

    12. Using CloudFlare, If Possible:

    Cloudflare is also CDN. But it is different than others. You can use cloudflare along with other cdn services. It will boost your site speed.

    13. Reduce External Static Content:

    This is another good method. You should reduce external static contents like js, css, images etc. It will reduce dns lookup and boost your website speed.

    14. Some Other Things to Boost WordPress Site Speed:

    Ther are some other things you should care. These are –

    • Don’t use so many plugins. Remove unused plugins.
    • Replace PHP with static HTML, when necessary.
    • Control post revisions amount. WP-Optimize plugin will do it for you. Just check this option, When you optimize your database.
    • Eliminating render blocking JS and CSS from header. (It can cause your theme broken. So don’t do this, If you are not expert).
    • Clean up header.

    These are the best ways to boost wordpress site speed. If you know any better method, You can share with us.