Bullet Trains, Railways in the USA- It’s Time

Bullet Trains, Railways in the USA- It’s Time

November 18, 2018 By ellen

    Individuals who live in the U.S. travel by car or an airplane, but the railway is not the most common type of travel. Airplanes and cars are used the most. The speed and distance covered by trains are outdated in the railway system. Other countries like France and China are traveling faster with updated trains.

    Plane vs. Trains

    Building a national railway network system is a vision of the US high-speed railway system. Trains are a thing of the past in the US way of traveling. Hopping on a plane is the preferred type of travel because most Americans either travel by car or airplane. Hopping on a train is not as inviting, especially if Amtrak is getting into constant accidents.

    Rail Network

    America has a massive rail network. But, most of the rail network is used for freight travel, not passenger travel. Also, we don’t have a dependable fast railway system.  The flight industry is competitive with the train system because most people take plane flights in the US.

    Our Car Culture

    In other parts of the world, Europe and Asia, the train system is part of normal life. Cars are not the main source of travel for other countries. High-speed bullet trains are not a part of our culture for many reasons:

    • The USA has a car culture
    • We don’t have the large masses that need more than just cars, which increase crowded streets-India needs trains because of the large population of peoples.
    • Freight-consumer society-is more important than transporting people.

    USRA’s Vision for Railway Network

    The benefits of transportation would be to reduce our carbon footprint.  The US High-Speed Rail Association is working on a future plan for a railway system that is dependable. Our vision includes a national HSR Express system connecting cities and states into an integrated system, laid out in phases with an aggressive schedule for full system build out.

    What the USRA plans is to also make this way of travel convenient and establishing lower costs when taking a train. Right now, the cost of travel on an airplane can reach into the thousands.  Wouldn’t it be easier to have a high-speed railway station in all major cities? Travel would change as we know it, and we would have more options to travel safely.