When You Should and Shouldn’t Buy Refurbished Smartphones

When You Should and Shouldn’t Buy Refurbished Smartphones

August 10, 2018 By kirsten

    There are many pros and cons to consider before buying a refurbished cell phone. Like a coin, refurbished smartphones have two sides – “good and bad”. If you don’t know let me tell you first “What is Refurbished Cell Phone?” Actually these mobile phones are already used and pre-owned and the consumers return them for a minor fault or defect. They get repaired, tested by the company and sold in a very cheap price after refurbishment. Sometimes they come with the same warranty as the new one has. There is no guarantee if the phone is fully problems free or not. Sometimes, it depends on your luck or goes against your luck. But there are some aspects which tell you whether you should or shouldn’t buy refurbished cell phones.

    Refurbished iPhone 5s Unboxing

    Facts of Refurbished Cell Phones:

    Unfortunately, you lost your iPhone and want to buy smartphone immediately but you’re running out of money for now. So, the best choice can be a refurbished smartphones. Else, some consumers love to replace their handsets within a very short period. So, they go for the refurbishment choices.

    Today, I will discuss about positive and negative sides that will let you realize if you should or shouldn’t buy refurbished cell phones.

    When You Should Buy Refurbished Smartphones (Pros):

    There are many reasons that can make your decisions going for a refurbished cell phone. Let’s know them.

    • Cheaper Price:

    Even the handset is being used by one user and gets returned in a very short time still the price is much cheaper with big profits. They are cheap as they used and malfunctioned and cannot be labeled as new again. One of the biggest reasons for buying a refurbished cell phone is money saving rather than wasting a big amount on a brand new one. Moreover, if you have lost your phone recently or faced malfunctioned; so, you can go for it.

    • Environment Friendly:

    If you’re someone who loves the God-Gifted natural beauty of environment and don’t want to ruin it more with electronic wastes then refurbished phones are just for you.

    • Warranty:

    You really don’t need to worry if the smartphone gets malfunctioned after you bought it. There are many reputable phones company which give 90 days of warranty period. So, you can easily repair your phone by the company under warranty period when it faces any malfunctions.

    • Extra Secured:

    After company tested these handsets, these handsets have been tested by users and then by the skilled technicians. So, they are more secured than new phones as they are highly gone through severe testing.

    When You Shouldn’t Buy Refurbished Smartphones (Cons):

    Instead of saving money, warranty, security or environment friendly reasons there are some disadvantages of buying refurbished smartphones.

    • Defects:

    As they are already used by someone so you don’t why the phone goes through refurbishment. So, there will be higher chance they will have defect whether physical or internal.

    There can be internal defects like camera, speaker, microphone or charging port not working properly.

    Physical defects can be shown in the phone’s body having scratches or cuts.

    • Less Warranty:

    Even they hold a little period of warranty but the new ones come along with 1 year warranty while some brands provides 2 years even.

    In a Nutshell:

    Refurbished phone’s advantages or disadvantages confront each other. So, you never know it will work perfectly or it will have defects. Anyway, Some experts think that refurbished smartphones may have lower defects than brand new ones as they are tested, serviced, inspected and repackaged by the manufacturer to stay in the original product specifications. But, we are not sure about your personal purchase experience. Otherwise, buying a refurbished cell phone isn’t a bad idea at all.