Fix Cannot Load System.img: not Enough Space

Fix Cannot Load System.img: not Enough Space

October 7, 2018 By kirsten

    Some Android 6.0 Marshmallow users are facing a new error. Specially, Some nexus users are facing an unexpected android error. That is cannot load system.img: not enough space issue. Some other google nexus users have also reported two more errors missing boot.img missing system.img.

    Reason Behind This Load System.img Error in Marshmallow:

    Resolving Cannot Load System.img: not Enough Space

    I read many blogs and articles about this error. I came to know that a bug in google’s batch script file in Naxus is the culprit. For this bug nexus can’t recognise the Marshmallow factory image. As a result, You may encounter this error.

    But this error has solutions like others. But if you are not expert, You should get helps from others.

    How to Fix Cannot Load System.img: not Enough Space:

    This marshmallow issue can be fixed by flashing the update files manually. Here are the steps to get resolved this error.

    Steps to Fix Load System.img not enough space issue:

    To get started, You you need to download marshmallow factory image for nexus device. Here are the download links.

    Let’s start the main steps to resolve cannot load system.img: not enough space.

    Step 1: Extract .tgz

    After downloading the specific factory image for your device, Extract it in your PC. After doing it, You will get bootloader, radio and a zip file.

    Step 2: Unzip ZIP file

    Now unzip that huge .zip file to a new folder. Rename it as update 6.

    Step 3: Copy Paste Radio & Bootloader

    Now, Copy paste the bootloader and radio files to the newly created folder update 6. After that you will see the following files in the folder.

    • userdata.img
    • system.img
    • recovery.img
    • cache.img
    • boot.img
    • radio***.img
    • bootloader***.img

    Step 4: Install ADB and fastboot drivers

    Disconnect the nexus device from your PC, If it is already connected. Then, Download and install ADB and fastboot drivers.

    Step 5: Boot Nexus into Bootloader/Flashboot

    To do it –

    • Turn off Nexus device
    • Press and hold Volume Down + Power buttons together. Hold it until the display comes on with Fastboot logo on it.

    Step 6: Connect with PC

    Now, You have to connect your nexus device with your PC by original USB cable.

    Step 7: Open Command Window

    In your PC, Press and hold shift in your keyboard. Then right click on update 6 folder and select Open command window here.

    Step 8: Test Flashboot Functionality

    To test it, In command prompt type fastboot devices and press enter. If it works properly, You will get a serial number.

    Step 9: Download flash-manually.bat

    Now you will have to download flash-manually.bat file and paste it in the update 6 folder.

    Step 10: Install Marshmallow Update

    Double click on flash-manually.bat. It will start flashing your .img files except userdata.img to prevent losing user data. You also can manually flash theme one by one.

    Step 11: Reboot Nexus

    Now, You can reboot nexus device. You can do it by choosing reboot by using volume up down key if nexus. You also can do it by using command in command prompt. The command is fastboot reboot.

    It will fix the android 6.0 marshmallow error cannot load system.img: not enough space. If you know any better solution, You can share with us.