Canon EOS 5Ds Review: Amazing 50 Megapixels DSLR

Canon EOS 5Ds Review: Amazing 50 Megapixels DSLR

October 6, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    I am not only a huge fan of smart phones and laptops, tablets and video games. I also happen to love taking photos and videos during various events. Or even the usual weekend photo session now and then with family and friends is a great day well spent (sometimes ending up with me in front of the camera!). It just so happens that I need a major upgrade from my trusty yet abused camera, and now was the time to purchase one of the newly released models. Not that I wanted to abandon my camera, but its battered body has got enough and needs some rest!

    Canon EOS 5Ds Full Review:

    So off I went, looking into every camera brand and model I could find, checking what would be the sturdiest, most reliable camera that took the best photos and videos for my next photo sessions to come. Then my eyes were finally set on the Canon 5DS. And I’m not complaining about my decision! A good camera for professional photographers and those knowledgeable around photography, here are some notable things I noticed about the model:

    Just a HUGE upgrade of Megapixels!

    Newly released Canon 5DS holds a huge upgrade compared to the 5D: A whopping 50 megapixels! FIFTY! When I fount out, I thought I misheard. It couldn’t be 50, I’d be astounded at a 22 megapixel camera like the Canon 5D! This is what made me want to purchase it, just for amusement and so I can share it with some family members of mine who also happen to be professional photographers.

    Canon 5DS HD

    No brand and model of any DSLR camera comes close with the Canon 5DS, not even any Canon model itself! With that alone, it can compel just about any photographer to purchase it, or to at least consider purchasing it for their projects.

    But because of the increased resolution, it may be a bit too overwhelming. But not to worry, the RAW image is a solution to that, and just a bit of softening upon editing the photo will help that. But isn’t it cool zooming into the photo and finding that the little details are still well focused on? But that also means that any magnified flaws will be seen, so it made me realize that a bit of practice is needed for me!

    As far as looks go, there’s nothing very notable about the body and design, other than the fact that it’s easy to handle as long as you are well knowledgeable on photography and the like. The bulky look of the Canon 5DS may seem a bit intimidating, but to be honest, it makes me feel a bit proud to be owning a camera like this!

    Image and Video Quality

    Like what I said, the 50 megapixel camera holds a lot of quality, not only in photos, but in video too! Upon testing it under both natural light and indoors, I found it better to shoot under the sun rather than inside the house because of the natural light making the whole subject perfect and vivid. When shooting indoors, it’s still presentable, but settings will need to be tweaked, ISO in particular.

    Canon 5ds Camera Sample 2 HD

    Image Credit: Canon Click to View Original Photo

    Canon 5ds Camera Sample 3 HD

    Image Credit: Canon Click to View Original Photo

    Canon 5ds Camera Sample HD

    Image Credit: Digital Camera World Click to View Original Photo

    As for its video mode, I can say that its got quality, but Canon did NOT focus on the video part of the model, but on the image quality itself. While it makes for awesome videos, this is something that will more likely appeal photographers than videographers.

    What Made Me Go “Meh”

    One thing is that it isn’t for beginners or amateurs. This camera is best for those who know their way around the camera. While I was testing the Canon 5DS, there is nothing wrong with it at all! But upon a few test tries, I noticed one thing: Noise. No, it doesn’t beep too loud or make loud shutter sounds, but image quality-wise, the amount of noise on the photo is a bit of a disappointment, as compared to the other Canon models. Then again, noise reduction exists, and it’s definitely not the most important factor to consider when choosing a camera to purchase, though it’s a notable thing to point out.

    ISO settings are limited, with only up to 12800 compared to the 7D which can go up to 51200. Where will you be able to use a 51200 ISO setting, though? Unless they’re moving as fast as light years, maybe! Again, not much of a complaint here, but I would have expected the 5Ds to have better options than its sibling models.

    Canon 5Ds Price:

    As for the pricing, I can say that it will be a huge dip. Here are the prices based on just the body alone and in their respective countries:

    USA: $3,700
    UK: £3,000
    Australia: AU$5,000
    India: Rs. 2,52,995

    And that’s just for the body alone, having to purchase the lens separately! As you can see, it isn’t the best for those looking for a budget camera out there, but if you’re ready to take on the investment, then I would say by all means, go for it! You may also be able to spike some deals online or even purchase a secondhand one from trusted sources. It will definitely be worth it, especially for those professional photographers with important projects that need high resolution images a Canon 5Ds can provide.

    Final Verdict?


    A lot of photographers (myself included!) may not need the 50 megapixels. But wow, will you be amazed by the image quality the Canon 5DS sets! This is a model I would definitely recommend to just about anyone, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be a huge dip in savings. While I would say it’s definitely worth the investment, it might be best to wait it out until the prices drop a bit or when you want to take a splurge. Either way, photo enthusiasts will enjoy the unit and wow at the huge megapixel count.