How to Capture Desktop Screen with YouTube

How to Capture Desktop Screen with YouTube

August 21, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    YouTube has become an important asset in everyone’s life. It has all our life hacks compiled there in different videos by different people. Anyone who has any information uses YouTube to pass it on to the millions out there. So by recording/ capturing something and putting it on YouTube helps a lot of people and thus today’s post is about this.

    A Screen-cast is basically a recording of your computer desktop with a voice recording to explain what’s happening in the video. This might require some technical software’s and a microphone but it’s made much easier with YouTube itself. Yes you can now capture your desktop and upload it on YouTube with YouTube itself without any video recording software.


    Capture Desktop Screen with YouTube:

    Follow the following steps and you are good to go:

    • You need to make a Google Account to sign into YouTube. If you already have one , just simply sign in with it into YouTube.
    • Next you need to click on the Upload button on the top of the screen. Then Click on the Get Started Button under Live Streaming. If this is your first time so you would have to verify it with your phone number to enable streaming.


    • Click on Events under Live Streaming on the left sidebar. Now you can create your own new Event by clicking on the Create live event. Give your event a title and describe what it is about in the description box. And don’t forget to select Unlisted/Private in the Privacy Box to keep the video Private when it’s being recorded.


    • After this Click on Go Live Now and click on Ok when they ask for permission and then a new window will be opened up. This Window will have the permission to Camera and Microphone which you can set according to your desire and need. Like you can turn off the audio or video if you want that.
    • Press on the option Screen Share from the sidebar on the right to start sharing your desktop and it will give you options of what to record and you can choose accordingly.


    You need to remember that if you are using various desktops it will only capture and use the program that’s active on the current desktop.


    • Press the Start Broadcasting to start recording your screen privately as you previously chose unlisted/private. Once you are done recording you may stop the broadcasting by pressing on Stop Broadcasting.
    • Switch to the YouTube site and open your dashboard where you will see the screencast you just recorded. You can either save it to your google drive or upload it on YouTube for the people to see it.

    So these were some very simple steps by which you can capture desktop screen with YouTube and share it with anyone you like. The best part about this is that it doesn’t require any video recording software and you can access it anytime you want from your YouTube account.