Consumer electronic show, abbreviated as CES is a trade show on internationally renowned electronics and technology gathering which takes place at Las Vegas, USA every year at the starting of January. The conference is not open to public but only for technological franchisees and companies across the globe.

This program is considered as the opening ground of entrepreneurs and immerging companies from international industries of technology. The more than 40 years old heritage has provided stat up lift to many of the established companies across the globe.
Consumer Electronic Show 2016, Las Vegas, USA

The international consumer electronics show (CES) of the year 2106 is being held at Las Vegas and contains almost 2600 emerging companies around the globe. The niches of the working fields of the companies’ cover- Technology delivery systems, manufacturing, developing and supply of consumer technology and many more. The whole program covers almost 200 sessions and the participants are from almost 150 countries from different continents and sub-continents.

Historical Background of Consumer Electronics Show 2016 (CES)

CES had been a heritage of prestigious tech show since ages. The very first CESN that took place in New work city was at 1967. That event had almost 17, 500 attendants and more than 100 exhibitor. Afterwards, from 1978 to 1994, CES took place twice a year and they are named like –Wintesr Consumer Electronics Show (WCES) and Summer Consumer Electronics Show(SCES). Eventually, when the SCES started to lose popularity, then the authorizer body decided it to expand into the popular cities across the globe. In 1998, the show had been decided to take place according to once-a-year plan and the latest set of the show was in Las Vegas at January 6-9, 2016.

The age-long tradition of technical product and consumer representation had been inspiring the Silicon Valley. Two trends of prize giving ceremony- Best in the Show Award and People’s Choice Award had been the most awaited prize announcements in the tech world since ages. Also, prizes like Best Car Tech, Best Fitness tech etc. are also regarded as prestigious prizes from CES. And the complete list of winners every year receives a great leaf.

Platforms, Products and Visions of CES 2016

The technology trade association moderates a trade industry of $285 billion USD and attracts world

S most promising leaders and pioneers to the address where the most relevant topics of the industry are discussed through. Here is the Audit summary of CES 2016 at Las Vegas which can help you better understand the agendas and proclaminations of CES 2016.

The product categories of CES 2016 that were featured in the program are-

  • Audio
  • Automotive Electronics
  • 3D Printing
  • Accessories
  • Communications Infrastructure
  • Computer Hardware/Software/Services
  • Electronic Gaming
  • Fitness and Sports
  • Content Creation & Distribution
  • Digital Imaging/Photography
  • Health and Biotech
  • Online Media
  • Robotics
  • Sensors
  • Internet Services
  • Smart Home
  • Startups
  • Wearable
  • Wireless Devices & Services
  • Video

Top 7 Coolest Products of CES 2016

  1. Huawei Watch

    Smart watches these days are getting into a new dimension by theme-based designs and handsome offerings. Two of the most amazing watches by Huawei-The Watch Jewel and Waych Leegant are being sold for $599 and $499 that runs Google’s Android wear software and mainly aims at women.
    The watch is surrounding by 68 Swarovski Zirconium crystal around it’s 42-mm body. You can adjust the power consumption of the watch from Low power mode to Full Activity mode just by switching the activity button.

  2. Hexoskin

    As wearable technology has got the attention of almost all of the companies and developers since almost a decade, this CES had been a grand ground for them to show of what they’ve invented/developed.
    Hexoskin company from Montreal showed up a wearable shirt that can measure the heart beat rate and cardiac activity. Along with a tracking device that fits into it, the smart shirt costs &449 and primarily available for Canada only.

  3. Lego Education

    Toys and smart kits had always been a attractive presentation in the event of CES. What was great this year is Lego Educat0on set developed by WeDo kit 2.0. This is offered to create robots and programs and it’s being offered to school students of grade 2 to grade 4.
    The price lies between &169 to $270 and contains different curriculum packages.

  4. HTC Vive Pre

    The biggest news of CES 2016 was the virtual reality that is conceived by companies touting numerous controllers, headsets and applications.
    The Taiwan’s Tech giant HTC drew the attention of the audience by introducing their second generation Vive Pre headset. This is loaded with multiple compact and comfortable features, improved lenses, redefined handle controllers etc. It basically helps the user to detect objects in front of them and not to walk through them by not watching it. Though it’s a mind blowing experience, but still it needs a very powerful computer to operate and execute. The official product retail price will be approximately $599 in USA.

  5. 3D Rudder

    A good number of startup companies are trying to solve the issue of movement in virtual reality.
    The 3D rudder company from France has presented a skateboard like platform that allows the user to move forward-backward-rightward and leftward with a control on his/her feet. Their hands will be free to do other things. The awesome 3D rudder will be available in the market from March, 2016 with a starting price of $175 USD.

  6. Drone

    Drones was a name mentioned so many times in the CES of 2016. But the attendees were not allowed to fly freely, but with a controlled display of the flight and control of the drones.
    A number of companies presented their own product designed with innovations and awesome features. The Inspire I was one of the most amazing one from France’s renowned company- Parrot. The Inspire I sells from $2,600 USD and is mainly aimed professional film makers and video positioning system controllers.

  7. Faraday Future

    The next generation cars were also a good centre of attractions in CES 2016. One of the most stunning one was the Faraday Future from the makers of one of the most important car companies from California. It was a self-driving completely electric vehicle with stunning design and efficient engine power.
    The company is heading up to the next concept car- FFZero1 which is being expected to attract a big number of crowd.