Change your Computer Name in Windows 10 / 8 or 7

Change your Computer Name in Windows 10 / 8 or 7

August 8, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    In Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8, We could choose our computer name during installation. But in Windows 10, You you may found your PC name is different. That is something like ‘DELl445811GG’ or something else. But you don’t want this name! You want just like this ‘Hasib-PC’ or ‘Home-Computer’ etc. Because, Your microsoft account is connected two various devices and you want recognize your right device. Yes. It is possible to change your windows 10 computer name. This is not a big deal.

    Windows 10 made it easy to change your PC name. See the process below –

    How to Change Windows 10 Computer Name:

    Follow the steps below –

    • Open Start Menu. Then Open Settings.
      this is ideal windows 10 pro start menu
    • Go to System.
    • Now click on About.
    • Then click on Rename PC.
      Microsoft windows 10 is very easy to use specially renaming computer
    • Now a popup box will appear.
    • You have to type your desired PC name there.
      windows 10 allows users to rename pc name simply
    • Then click on Next.
    • Now you will have two options. First one is Restart now. Second one is Restart Later. If you click on Restart Now, Your PC name will be changed immediately and PC will be restarted. If you click on Restart Later, Your PC name will be changed, When you restart your PC manually.

    If you are using an older version of windows, Here is the way to change PC name.

    Change PC Name in Windows 8, 7 or Vista:

    • Go to Control Panel.
    • Now go to System and Security > System. You also can directly go to This PC, My Computer or Computer properties.
    • Now click on Change Settings of Computer name, domain and workgroup settings section.
      clicking Change Settings of This PC Properties to rename computer name
    • After that system properties will be appeared. You will see the Computer Name tab by default. If not, Click on Computer Name tab.
    • Then you will see ‘To rename this computer or change its domain or workgroup, Click change‘. Click on Change.
      windows 8 pc name can be changed from System Properties
    • Now type your computer name and restart your PC.
    • Done.