How to Change DNS Settings in Android Devices


Do you have an android phone or tablet? Have you ever felt necessity to change DNS addresses in android? May be yes or may be not. Normal users don’t know about it much. But, If you are a smart user of smartphone, You probably have felt the necessity of it.

Most of us know how to change DNS addresses in our PCs. But, We don’t know how to do it in our smartphones. So, In this article, I’ll guide you how to change DNS settings in android devices (rooted and non-rooted).

Normally, If you have a wifi router in your home, Your smartphone will use its DNS settings to connect to the internet. So, You can change DNS in router in order to get its benefit in smartphone or other connected devices. But, If you use mobile data only, It will be different thing. Anyway, If you want to configure DNS in your smartphone, You will have to go through some extra steps.

How to Change DNS Settings in Android (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G):

There are multiple methods that you can follow to change DNS server addresses. But, I’ll introduce the easiest and most reliable methods. Obviously, You will learn the procedures for both Wi-Fi and mobile data. Anyway, Here are the methods.

1. Change DNS in Android without Any App

This is very easy. You may not like this method. Because, It only works for wi-fi connection. If you want to change DNS settings for mobile data (3G / 4G), You probably should next method. Anyway, To change DNS in android without any third-party tools, You will need to follow these things.

How to Change DNS in Android without Any App

  • First of all, Navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi from your android phone or tab.
  • Now, Press and hold on the wi-fi zone name that you use regularly. Then choose Modify network.
  • Now, You will see a few more options there. Scroll down and check Advanced Options. It will bring two more settings.
  • Then, Tap on DHCP and choose Static, If your IP Settings is not already set to static.
  • Now, Scroll down and find DNS 1 and DNS 2. Here, You can set any DNS server addresses you prefer. Suppose, You want to use google DNS. You can type in DNS 1 and in DNS 2.
  • After doing everything correctly, Tap on SAVE.
  • You can now reconnect to wifi

This is the way to tweak DNS settings without any third-party app in your android phone.

2. Change DNS (Mobile Data & Wi-Fi) with Third-Party App in Android:

Actually, Most users prefer this way to change DNS addresses in android phone. Because, It’s easy and hassle free. Many people think only rooted phone users can change their DNS settings for mobile internet. But, It’s wrong. Both rooted and non-rooted users can do this by using some awesome third-party tool. There are plenty of apps available in google play store that can modify your DNS settings. But, I prefer DNS Changer. It is very simple and easy to use. To change DNS by using this app,Follow these steps.

Change DNS Settings in Android Devices with Third-party app

  • At first, Download and install DNS Changer from play store.
  • Now, Open it and tap on the option under choose a DNS provider. There are some predefined DNS addresses like Google DNS, Open DNS, Yandex DNS, Level3 DNS etc. You can choose any of them.
  • If you want to use your own prefered address, Choose Custom DNS (Enter manually).
  • Now, You can type the domain name server (DNS) address normally and tap on START.
  • Done.

In fact, I’m not affiliated with this app. You can install any other similar apps from play store.

3. Change DNS in Router to Get its Benefits in Android:

If you change DNS in your wi-fi router, It will also take effect on any connected android devices. So, If you don’t want to configure any DNS settings in your smartphone, Do it in your tab. To do it, You should follow your wireless router’s manual. Here are the common steps.

  • At first, You will need to login into your router’s admin panel. Normally, You can visit: from browser and enter credientials to login.
  • Navigate to Network > WAN. There you should see the options to set DNS addresses.

Verify whether DNS Change is Working correctly or not:

Okay, This question may arise in your mind that my DNS change takes effect on my android phone or not. Actually, There are several ways to know it. But, I recommend you to follow these steps.

  • In order to verify your DNS change, Set these DNS addresses:, (Open DNS) in your phone.
  • Now, Reconnect to the internet and visit this page:
  • If this page says “Welcome to OpenDNS. Your internet is safer, faster …..”, You can be sure that your DNS change is working. If it says anything else like “You aren’t using OpenDNS yet. Let’s fix that.”, There may be some something wrong. In that case, Try above steps to “change DNS in android” again.

Note: Sometimes, Your ISP may block DNS changing requests. In that case, Modifying any DNS settings in your android phone or any device may not work or it may restrict you from connecting to internet. In that case, Reverting any changes will fix your problem.

Hope, This article will help you. If you know any other simple way to change DNS settings in android phone, You can share it in comment box.