Set Google as Default Search Engine in Edge

Set Google as Default Search Engine in Edge

October 25, 2018 By alberto

    Microsoft owns Bing, that’s why it forces you to use Bing on the edge browser and start menu search box. So, you get result from Bing By default when you search something on the web using search box or using Cortana / start menu search. I know there are some hardcore users who live and die for Google. You may want to use Google as your Edge browser’s default search engines. You have an excellent solution. You can set your prefer search engine in edge.

    search engine set as default edge

    How to Set Google as Default Search Engine of Microsoft Edge:

    For some obvious reasons Microsoft made Bing as edge browser’s default search engine. But most of the users prefer Google as their first choice. Anyhow, There is a way for windows 10 users to set DuckDuckGo, yahoo or Google as default search engine on edge.

    Steps to Change Microsoft Edge’s Search Engine:

    It is very easy to change default search engine. Here are details.

    • First of all, Open Microsoft Edge and visit your favorite search engine’s website. For example:, etc. Now, Your browser will remember this web address and set it in memory.
    • In Edge, Click on the menu button (button with three dots) at the top right corner.
    • Now select Settings.
    • Scroll down in the Settings menu and Click on View Advanced Settings near the bottom.
    • Now again scroll down, You will find a section named Search in the address bar with. Click on Change from there.
    • A list will appear with available search providers. Select the preferred search engine you want to use and click on ‘Set as default’.

    Now searching result of your edge will show results from your added search engine.

    I hope this article may end up your troubles of being forced to use Bing as your default search engine. For more queries let us know in the comment box.