How to change icons size in Windows

How to change icons size in Windows

September 19, 2018 By alberto

    We are all familiar with Windows icons. Some prefers large, some prefers small and some prefers medium size icon on their windows.  Well, I always love to show small sizes icon on my desktop. It makes my work easier and can place a lot of files on my desktop. Else, many people also may want to increase, hide or show icon. Actually it depends on everyone’s own choices. Some windows 10 users have complained about their windows 10 large icon issue. In this case, their explorer icon or desktop’s icon don’t load faster when they start their PC. It takes time to load desktop due to larger icon. Well, such a problem is common in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

    windows 10 icon large

    Show, Hide or Change Icons Size in Windows:

    The icon on the desktop are useful. They give shortcut access to do your work and save time. So, it’s depends on your choice. You can show, hide and increase or decrease the size of icon. Let’s know them by following this article.

    Change Icons Size in windows 10:

    To change the desktop icon size follow the steps given below.

    1. Right-Click on an empty space anywhere on the desktop.
    2. A contextual menu will appear. Select View from there.
    3. Now according to your choice click on Large/Medium/Small icons.

    Change Taskbar Icons Size in Windows 10:

    Sometimes it can be necessary for you to change taskbar icons size. Let’s know how to do it.

    1. Like before Right-Click on an empty space of the screen.
    2. From the contextual menu select Display Settings.
    3. Now move the slider and select 100%, 125%, 150% or 175% under Change the size of text apps and other items.

    changing text apps size w10

    Change Icon Size in File Explorer:

    Maybe for some specific folder you want to change the view. You may want view some folder’s files larger or some smaller. Well, you can do yourself this setting so easily.

    1. Just open the folder which files view you want to change.
    2. You will need your mouse now. Press CTRL and Scroll down or up wheel to zoom out or zoom in.
    3. Else, you can also switch to Change your button at the top of the right side by opening the folder.
    4. Now, you can select from there Large/medium/small icons or list, details, tiles and content,
    5. Once you’re done, the settings will remain same when you use that folder again unless you change the view.
    6. You can also change every folder’s icon, text size by going to that folder and the process will be the same.

    How to Show Desktop Icons in Windows 10:

    1. Right click on the empty space.
    2. From the contextual menu choose view.
    3. Tick beside Show Icons.

    How to Hide Desktop Icons in Windows 10:

    To hide icon, the process is same like showing icon. Just Untick beside Show Icons. That’s it! You have hidden them from your desktop.

    Well, that’s all for today. Stay with us for more handy technology articles.