How to Change OneDrive Folder Location in Windows 10

How to Change OneDrive Folder Location in Windows 10

August 30, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    By default, OneDrive folder location is C:\users\yourusername\OneDrive. Sometimes, You may not want to keep it in C drive as it takes a lot of space if you avail the files offline. This article will provide you the tips to change OneDrive folder location in Windows 10.

    From windows 8, Microsoft OneDrive app comes as pre-installed. In windows 10, It has been improved a lot. Especially, After falls creators update, it now supports the on-demand feature. This feature allows users to access the cloud files without having them downloaded. It saves a lot of storages. But, It requires internet connectivity. Some of you may have a huge amount of data in OneDrive which you want to keep locally on your PC. But, Often users face low disk space problem in local disk C. Again, Some of you may have a dedicated SSD as local disk C where windows is installed. So, You may want to save as much space as possible. In that case, Changing OneDrive folder location can help you a lot.

    There are some other cool reasons to do it. Regular sync may fragment your hard disk more frequently or it may reduce SSD performance. So, Like me, you may consider moving OneDrive to somewhere else.

    Move or Change OneDrive Folder Location in Windows PC:

    The whole steps can be divided into three parts. These are:

    1. Unlinking PC from OneDrive

    This part is not for those who haven’t yet signed-in into OneDrive in Windows 10 PC. But, If you have been using it, you can follow the steps from below.

    opening onedrive settings

    • At first, Right click on the OneDrive icon from the taskbar and go to Settings.
    • Now, Click on Unlink this PC.
    • On the newly prompt window, click on Unlink Account.

    2. Moving OneDrive Folder to Another Location

    This part is also not for the users who haven’t used OneDrive on their PC yet. As you already have synced all or many files from the cloud to local storage, you should move the existing OneDrive folder to your desired location. It will save a lot of bandwidth. To do it, simply go to where OneDrive is located which is usually c:\users\user\. Just, Replace user with your username. For example, My one is c:\users\hasib\. Anyway, just go to the appropriate location. Then follow these things.

    • Right-click on the folder named OneDrive and choose Cut.
    • Now, Go to your desired location and paste it there.

    3. Set New Location for OneDrive

    It’s time to sign in again and set the new location. To do it follow these steps.

    Changing OneDrive Folder Location Windows 10

    • At first, Open OneDrive settings like before.
    • Now, Go to Account tab and click on Add Account.
    • Then, Sign in with your Microsoft account which is linked with OneDrive.
    • After sign-in, you will the location changing option in This is your OneDrive folder window. Just click on Change Location.
    • Select the OneDrive folder you have moved and click on Use This Location.
    • Now, Go to Next and choose which files and folders you want to sync.
    • Done.

    By this way, you can move or change onedrive folder location in windows 10. Hope it helps!