How to Change Pagefile Location, Size or Disable it in Windows

How to Change Pagefile Location, Size or Disable it in Windows

August 28, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    There are many confusing parts in an operating system. Especially, Windows has some components which are unclear to the normal users. Pagefile.sys is one of them. In this article, You will know about Pagefile and how to change its location from local disk C to another drive.

    How to Modify Pagefile Settings

    What is Pagefile:

    Sometimes, Windows may run on low available physical memory (RAM). In that time, Pagefile helps. It is like virtual memory. When physical RAM usage exceeds the limit or your PC need more memory, it creates a file pagefile.sys and stores less needed memory bits into it.

    By this way, there is always happening a continuous data exchange between your RAM and page file. As a result, Pagefile may take a significant amount of disk space.

    Where Pagefile.sys is Located:

    This question may arise in your mind. Normally, This file is located at local disk C where windows is installed. The correct location is C:\pagefile.sys. The location may be different if you install windows in a different local drive or change its location.

    How to View it:

    You may not see that file because it is hidden and protected by default. So, You may want to know how to view pagefile.sys. Well, It is very easy. You can view it by doing these things:

    • At first, Open start menu.
    • Then, Type hidden folder. You should see Show hidden files and folder option. Just click on it.
    • Now, From the View tab find Hide protected operating system files (Recommended).

    show protected os system files windows

    • Just uncheck this option and click on Apply and OK.
    • From now, You should be able to see the pagefile.sys.

    Why You May Want to Delete, Disable or Modify Pagefile Location:

    Some users don’t mind it if page file takes a large amount of space. Again some users have very limited storage capacity in their computer. That’s why they may not like it. Some other users may not have a good amount of space in local disk C (Where windows is installed). As a result, They often get low disk space warning. In that case, disabling it or changing its location may help.

    Again, You may have SSD where windows is installed. You have HDD to store other files and data. In that case, You may want to change pagefile location to increase SSD lifespan as it has less writing capability than a hard disk. There may be some other reasons to modify it.

    How to Change Pagefile Size:

    It won’t be a big deal if you want to change the pagefile size. You can do it very easily. Here are the steps to do it.

    Step 1: Open Advanced System Settings

    You will have to change any pagefile related settings from windows advanced system settings. So, At first, You will have to open that settings windows. To open it, You can simply open RUN by pressing Win + R on the keyboard. Then, Type systempropertiesadvanced and hit enter.

    Step 2: Go to Performance Settings:

    The previous command should open system properties and by default Advanced tab should be opened. However, You should see a Settings button under Performance section. Just click on it.

    Step 3: Open Virtual Memory Window

    From the performance settings, Click on Advanced tab. Then, Click on Change from the Virtual Memory section. It will open the window.

    Step 4: Modify Pagefile Size

    In virtual memory window, choose each drive and mark Custom Size. Then set the size according to your preference. For example, You can set minimum pagefile size 1000 MB and maximum 20000 MB.

    Note: Make sure Automatically manage paging file size for all drives is unchecked.

    How to Change Pagefile Location in Windows:

    Changing the location of pagefile is very easy to do. You can just follow the first three step from above. Then, Follow these things.

    From Virtual Memory window, select a drive where currently pagefile exists. Then, Click on No Paging File and then click on Set.

    change pagefile location

    After doing it, Select the drive where you want to store the pagefile. Then, Choose System Managed Size and again click on Set.

    Doing these things will change pagefile location.

    How to Disable PageFile:

    You may not like pagefiles.sys. Because, You want to save valuable disk space. In that case, You can disable it. To do this, follow these things:

    Open Virtual Memory window like before. Then, Uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drives.

    After doing it, Select each drive and check  No paging file and also click on Set for each drive.

    From now, Your PC won’t take space for memory bits.

    So, These are some helpful tips to modify pagefile location, size and disable it.