How to Charge an Android Phone Even Faster


Have you ever thought that you could charge your android phone a bit more quickly? Actually, There are a few tricks that can help you to do it.

Average users may be OK with battery life of their android phones. But, If you use your phone to do various tasks frequently, It may drain battery more quickly. So, You may need to charge your phone frequently. Sometimes, It may seem annoying to wait longer to fully charge your android phone or tab. But, You can follow some smart charging tricks which can help a lot.

How to Charge an Android Phone More Quickly

Ways to Charge an Android Phone a Lot Faster:

You should make sure that your phone has not any hardware problem that is preventing it from being charged quickly. Because, With having internal problem, following the fast charging tricks will be useless.

Common Tricks to Charge Android Phone Faster:

If you are not a noob smartphone user, You may know about these tricks that boost your phone’s charging speed.

1. Turn Off Your Phone:

Most people do it when they really need to have their phone fully charged. When you turn off phone, There will be nothing which drain battery. So, Your phone takes less time to fully charge.

2. Airplane Mode:

If you don’t want to turn off your phone, You can turn airplane mode on. It will disable all network activities in your phone. Network is a big thing that drains a phone’s battery quickly. If network signal is really poor, Your phone may take a very long time to charge itself completely. So, Turning on airplane mode while charging android phone is a good idea. You can simply swipe down from top of the screen and tap on airplane icon to turn on airplane mode.

3. Turn On Battery Saving Mode:

You may not want to turn on airplane mode because you don’t want to miss any important call. But, You can still charge your android phone faster. To do it, You must enable battery saving mode.

4. Using Third-Party Apps:

Built-in battery saver in android is somehow enough. But, If you want more functionality and effective performance, There are some battery saver apps which can help you to charge an android phone faster. You can search and find some of the popular apps in play store. I can mention a few like Battery DoctorDU Battery Saver etc. These apps can help you to charge an android device quickly in more convenient way.

Advanced Tricks to Fully Charge Smartphone More Quickly:

You may want to charge your android phone even faster. So, You should consider following these advanced tips.

1. Use Wall Charger Instead of PC USB:

Some of you may charge phones by connecting USB to a PC or laptop. It charges smartphone very slowly. So, Always consider using wall socket. It re-powers smartphone faster than you think.

2. Use Good Charger and Cable:

If you find a charger is charging your phone doesn’t mean it is doing well. Using a poor quality charger or cable make any tricks useless to charge smartphone faster. So, Always use good and original product.

3. Consider Quick Chargers:

There are many quick chargers available in the market. You can consider using them. For example, I can mention HTC’s rapid charger. You can find so many similar items in By using a quick charger, You can have your phone fully charged much more quickly.

4. Remove Phone’s Case:

This trick may seem useless to you. But, It boosts charging speed unnoticeably. If your phone battery has overheating issue while charging, It may help you a lot.

These are a few tricks to charge an android phone quickly. You may have some other cool idea that can help others. So, I like to hear from you 🙂