How to Enable Native Chromecast Support in Chrome

How to Enable Native Chromecast Support in Chrome

September 1, 2018 By alberto

    The Chromecast is a product of Google. It has necessitated an extension to stream your favorite contents from your browser to your bigger screen TV.  Google is making easier to cast a tab from chrome to a TV.

    You can grab its functionality without installing. Native Chromecast support is available as a flag now. In the latest update of the Chrome browser will let you enable a flag to use its functionality. So, you will be able to cast your content, see tabs, stream media content right away without any quandary.

    Set Up Free Chromecast Extension:

    Now, you can cast tab contents from the browser to your TV by downloading and installing official chromecast Extension. But, it is not necessary because of the latest release of Google Chrome Beta for Linux, Mac, Chrome OS and Windows.

    If you have already installed Google cast extension that will be disabled, “Cast” will be added on the Chrome toolbar. You can use this button or the right click menu to radiate browser contents. This feature will be stable very soon even though it is now connected with to the beta dev as well as canary. It is going to stable as soon as the testing and tweaking is undergone.  Let’s know the following steps to enable native Chromecast support in Chrome.

    Step 1: Paste the below link to your Chrome address bar and hit enter.


    Note: If you are not seeing any flag then update your Google chrome to latest version by following Menu > Settings > About and check for updates.

    Step 2: From the drop-down menu select “Enabled”.

    Step 3: Relaunch your browser.

    Step 4: Launch your casting by clicking on Cast in the right click menu.

    Your installed Google cast will be disabled when you relaunch chrome, also can be removed if it is convenient to do so. Streaming setup process gets easier and faster for users by adding support Chromecast into the browser.