How to Clear Computer’s CMOS and Reset BIOS Settings

How to Clear Computer’s CMOS and Reset BIOS Settings

October 11, 2018 By kirsten

    Like the hardware settings and system time setting of the CMOS, the computer stores low level settings. All these settings can be configured in the BIOS setup menu. You may want to try clearing CMOS if you face hardware compatibility or any other problem. It also resets your BIOS settings when you clear CMOS. It is available in most of the computer’s BIOS menu. So, it’s not difficult to do so.

    bios key boot up

    Clear Your Computer’s CMOS by Using the BIOS Menu:

    Today, I am going to share the methods to clear computer’s CMOS to reset bios settings. Well, it is not so important to do unless you forget your BIOS settings password or face a troubleshooting problem in your PC. Let’s know how you will do it.

    How to Use Your Computer’s Bios Menu:

    This is the easiest way to clear CMOS from your PC. Let’s know the process.

    • To go to BIOS menu restart your PC or Turn on your PC.
    • Press specific key that appears on screen or F2 or DELETE.

    load setup defaults bios

    (If your PC screen doesn’t show any key then consult your computer’s manual settings. All the PC’s don’t require same key keys. Else, who build their own computers; they should consult their motherboard’s manual instead.)

    • Now look for the Reset option within BIOS. Its naming may differs by PC brand’s configuration. It may be named as Reset to Default, Load Setup Defaults, Clear BIOS settings, Load Factory defaults or something else.
    • You can select that with arrow keys; press Enter to confirm the process.
    • Now, your BIOS is reset to default and all the changes you made before has been canceled, you have to set them again.

    Clear CMOS Memory by Using Motherboard Jumper:

    If your BIOS is not accessible, you can use jumper to clear settings as most of the computer has a jumper. This is the best option if your BIOS is password protected and you have forgotten the password. To find the exact location of jumper you can see computer’s or motherboard’s manual. You should find more detailed instructions in the manual before using jumper. The basic process is same for the every PC to use jumper.

    • Turn off the power of your PC and unplug the power cable, so that your computer doesn’t receive electricity anymore.
    • Open your computer’s cover or case and try to find a jumper called like CLR CMOS, CLEAR, PASSWORD, CLEAR CMOS, or CLR PWD. It is usually situated near CMOS battery remarked below.
    • Also make sure you are fully grounded before touching it, as motherboard can be damaged by the static electricity.
    • Now set the jumper to Clear position.
    • Turn on your PC and turn it off again.
    • Set the jumper into the real position and turn on your computer. Well, you’re fully done!

    How to Reset the CMOS Battery:

    What to do if your motherboard doesn’t have any CLEAR CMOS jumper? There is a way to clear its CMOS settings by removing the CMOS battery and replacing that. This battery provides power and save the BIOS settings. This way let your computer know how much time has been passed while it’s been powered off.  As remove the battery reset the settings and remove source of power. Before removing the battery ensure yourself if you’re grounded well. Otherwise your motherboard can be damaged with static electricity. Wait at least five minutes before reseating the battery.

    cmos battery laptop

    Image Credit: John Lester

    *** All the computers don’t have removable batteries. If the CMOS battery don’t come out or get loose then don’t forces get it out.

    If you have a reason to clear CMOS, you can do it. Troubleshooting a computer problem or clearing forgotten BIOS password can be one of a reason to do so. You don’t need to do anything if your computer is operating properly.

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